With Style and a Little Grace: INSECURITIES


There is nothing worse than feeling insecure in your own skin. We all have our own insecurities, the little things we knit pick about ourselves over and over again. It is hard to get rid of that little voice inside your head telling you that someone else is doing something better, wearing something cuter, living like Martha Stewart, or instagramming the picture perfect life. 

I know personally I have to reign it in when I look at all the lifestyle and fashion blogs that I aspire to be like one day and find myself critiquing every little thing about mine. My husband, who can always bring me back down to earth was listening to me talk about one of these said blogs last weekend while I droned on and on about the gorgeous photos, perfect clarity, and my list of things that needed drastic improvement. 

Henry said, Gracie look at how many years they have been blogging and how long you have ( a pretty substantial difference), now look at where they were at the same point you are now. He also mentioned to me that I do this on top of my full time job. It kind of brought me back to reality. It also made me want to work harder, to bring you great content.

The truth is we all have insecurities and someone is always going to have or do something better. I try to be totally me and not hold back (I mean have you seen my photography skills, they need work) because I feel like those are the blogs that I relate to the most. The ones that give you an honest look into their world, even if it isn't picture perfect all the time. I am a real-life late twenties girl on a budget and what you see is what you get. 

I have insecurities all the time about my outfit posts, or photos that I don't feel like turn out great. There are always things I want to change about furniture, aesthetics, or the fact that my camera takes horrible photos.

I am putting myself out there because I truly enjoy this space, it is honestly the greatest creative outlet I have ever had and I make time for it because I enjoy it so much. I have always loved to write but have never been able to share my stories with others and this outlet has given me a place to cultivate that craft. I truly believe it has made me a better writer, with lots of room for improvement obviously. 

This might sound cheesy but I just wanted to put it all out there. Insecurities can be hard to overcome and I have plenty that I deal with daily. I thought about starting this blog for a solid year and a half before I actually made it happen. I had the name and everything but I would always stop myself - people will laugh at me, they will make fun of this place, they won't get it, the list goes on. 

I look back now and I am beyond grateful that I overcame my own insecurities to follow my dreams. I am not sure where this blog will lead but I love the road it is taking me down and I look forward to seeing what it holds. 

 I hope this inspires you to go out and do something you have wanted to do!  There is truly inspiration everywhere! 

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