With Style and a Little Grace: Girl Crush : Taylor Swift

Girl Crush : Taylor Swift

I am OBSESSED. I know this album drop is not news to anyone that gets on the TV or internet but Taylor Swift seriously took it to another level. I am loving every single jam, especially Welcome to New York. It just makes me want to bee bop around town in my car singing at the top of my lungs ( AKA my 16 year old self). I have already made plans with friends and family to see this lady in concert. I'm going to rock my face off to her anthems.

I have said in the past I had my love-hate moments with T.Swift but I have to admit I have nothing but love for her now. She can do NO WRONG in my book. Girlfriend is on fire. She is smart, sassy, and knows what she wants. I think she is a great role-model for women and girls everywhere! 

Thats all I got today! 

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