With Style and a Little Grace: Confessional Friday: Link-Up

Confessional Friday: Link-Up

Happy Friday Loves! Let's get a little confessing happening!

1.) I confess that this little blog has fallen a bit by the way side the past two weeks but I have a ton of fun stuff planned coming up. Life has just gotten in the way. 

2.) I confess that tomorrow I am dragging my husband to the first of many Fall mini dates that I have pre-planned for us to enjoy all the festivities the season has to offer. A little Harvest Festival, yes please! 

3.) I confess that I laid out all of my new Dave Ramsey budget plans yesterday and am officially putting the envelope system into action come Monday. I will keep you posted on my progress.

4.) I also confess that the this will be really hard for me because I love to shop for fun beauty products... and ok let's be honest I love to shop for everything. Hence, the need for a budget.

5.) I confess that I got some new K-cups in Apple Cider and Pumpkin Spice and my excitement was out of control! 

6.) I confess that I am looking forward to a Friday night filled with face masks, hot tea/maybe a little red wine, a little recorded tv, and finishing my book. EPIC night my friends! 

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!! 
Thank you for reading!!

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