With Style and a Little Grace: The Best of the Season : Candles

The Best of the Season : Candles

Hi guys, I'm back with a new weekly series. Sidenote: Tailgate Tuesday will be back next week - I didn't get to cook last weekend. Maybe I don't need to do another series.... haha we will see.  Fall is my favorite season along with a gajillion other girls. What better way to soak up your favorite season than with some things to make it even more enjoyable... I bring you the best of the season! 


My love for candles know no bounds. Growing up my mom and Aunt owned a store that was interior design/home decor/gifts. I had the greatest plethora of fantastic candles at my fingertips, I miss that. We always had candles going and it just makes your house feel alive. I love them in every room lit up and giving off their warm aroma. They just make everything so much homier. 

My mom carried this brand in her store and it seriously brings back all my favorite fall memories. I cherish it and it will always be my absolute favorite scent for the season. As my cousin Jenny said, it makes you want to carve a pumpkin, cook a roast, and watch Hocus Pocus all rolled into the perfect candle. 

This is my absolute second favorite. The perfect blend of citrus, apples, and cinnamon. 

The smell of pumpkins, spice, and cinnamon brings everything you picture about the fall season to life in a candle. Probably my favorite pumpkin spice candle. I wish they had better packaging.

Bath and Body Works candles are consistently great. Their 3 wicks burn down so evenly and the scent always fills a room. I like this candle for the kitchen. It is very sweet and smells like pumpkins and buttercream frosting. Yummy!

The perfect blend of sage, eucalyptus, and berries to bring in the cool autumn weather. I love this so much for the living room and just to have burning all day long. 

Chai and pumpkin mixed together in a candle, enough said. This is just the perfect spicy blend. Plus the packaging is gorgeous!

Let me know what some of your favorite candles are. I am always looking for new ones to try. Hope everyone is having a great week. Look out for my product empties video coming tomorrow!!


  1. Oh my most favorite thing about fall is all of the fall scents that we burn throughout the house! If I am home- the candles are burning! I love it!!


    Carolina Clover

    1. Oh my gosh me too! Favorite time of year! Everything pumpkin girl - thank you for reading! XO,