With Style and a Little Grace: Saturday Cravings

Saturday Cravings

Watching all the gorgeous photos on insta roll in from everyone at fashion week has me craving a completely new wardrobe.  I am on a shopping hiatus, except for a few birthday treats last week, lets talk about what I am craving and maybe this will ease my need to shop ;) 

The perfect cable knit for fall. I don't have one in my wardrobe and I think it is a necessity. The price point is great and it comes in a ton of colors. Gap has some really great things right now. 

I picture myself wearing these during the holidays and I just think they are adorable. Also, under $100 . 

I think this dress would be so cute dressed up or down for the Fall. With a cute leather jacket? 

I am loving the new look of Banana Republic since Marissa Webb is their new creative director. Some really great pieces.

I would love in this top. I am loving the new side zip detailing.

I wanted this sweater that everyone talked about last season and by goodness I am going to purchase it this season. I love it in every color and I know I would wear it with everything.  It looks so cozy! 

These look so cute styled on their site with their adorable new Fall sweaters, I will take all of it.

I have wanted to add this to my beauty arsenal for a long time now and I have just heard only amazing things about it. It is definitely on my wish list. Loving this fun pink color! 

I have been looking for a cute basket to store all of Charlie's toys. I don't think this one would be big enough and I would really like something monogrammed. This is cute though?  Do y'all know of any good places to find something like that?

A new perfume for the Fall, although right now I am loving my Coco Chanel, this smells amazing!

Happy Saturday Loves! 

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