With Style and a Little Grace: Recipes: Steve Beard's Summer Cucumbers

Recipes: Steve Beard's Summer Cucumbers

My sweet neighbor brought me a bag full of fresh homegrown cucumbers at the beginning of the week and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. Growing up at my house in the summertime we always had fresh garden tomatoes and cucumbers on hand. My dad might send us over to our neighbors garden to grab a few tasty morsels every week. They always had the best veggies. :)

Every night before dinner my dad would make a bowl of cucumbers and cut up some tomatoes with a little mayo salt and pepper. Just talking about it makes my mouth start watering. I could eat that alone for dinner. It is just the epitome of summer. 
This is the easiest recipe and it is so fresh and delicious. 
Slice your cucumbers and put in a mason jar or bowl.
Fill with vinegar, salt, and pepper.
Let them sit for a little while to soak up the flavor.


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