With Style and a Little Grace: DIY : Upcycling candles + my DIY dreams

DIY : Upcycling candles + my DIY dreams

I am not going to lie, usually my DIY projects do NOT turn out to look much like the beautiful photo that inspired me to make them in the first place. I want to be a DIYer, seriously I do. My husband saw this on the chive and told me that's what he felt like my projects turned out like..... no comment. 

Ask any of my girlfriends, who sweetly accepted my terrible DIYed gifts ( one year I bedazzled wineglasses for all my girlfriends and seriously thought it might be my career path)...it is questionable the way my mind works sometimes and why I still have friends. Granted this was in high school and I still don't know how appropriate it was for my parents to let me use their wine bottles to make these gifts but it happened.

But for realz.....

On to my easy peasy project that even the DIY challenged can do... which is what I was getting at with my lengthy intro into the strange phases of my youth. 
I am a huge candle lover and I am always burning through them. I hate throwing away pretty or unique jars after the candle is used. I loved the idea of reusing my candles for all sorts of organization and even making new candles. 

The steps are so simple.

1.) Freeze your candles

2.) Take out of the freezer and break up the wax with a knife

3.) The wax should come out fairly easy, I had a hard time with the wicks of the Bath & Body candles so I soaked them with the wicks still glued.

4.) Soak your candles, then remove all labels. The wicks should peel out as well, if they are still stuck. Set out to dry.

5.) Choose how you want to use your candles to organize. I love these together for my cotton pads and q-tips. 

My fun multi-colored glass currently holds my makeup brushes.

I loved this project and am already planning ways to use the rest of my candles. I might not be a DIY pro but this is a project everyone can do. I have resigned that I will just have to go out and buy the super fancy DIY things, but by goodness I can upcycle some candles! 

Shout out to my bestie Darcy who to this day probably still has the wine bottle I gave her and the sign we made for her 16th bday out of wood, lots of glitter, and her name in rope lights.... it was my masterpiece. 

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