With Style and a Little Grace: August 2014

Labor Day Weekend Sales to Shop

image via pinterest

It's Labor Day weekend loves and along with soaking up the last rays of summer that means some fabulous end of summer shopping. I have rounded up my sale favorites. I hope everyone has an amazing long weekend! 

Tory Burch is offering up to 30% off site wide with the code LABORDAY14. She hardly ever has sales this good so it would be the perfect time to splurge on investment pieces for Fall like this gorgeous bag that I have wanted forever and the perfect riding boots.

Old Navy is offering up to 50% off everything on their site. Their adorable print tees are only $8. Great time to stock up on some cute basics! 

Nordstrom is offering up to 40% some great stuff. A lot of the bags I really loved are already sold out. The Michael Kors bag was really the best deal. I am loving this quilted skater skirt for Fall.

J.Crew Factory  is offering 40 to 60% off everything on their site. I think this is a much better deal than the actual J.Crew site which is just off final sale. Again, a great time to stock up on cute tops. 

Happy Weekend Loves! I am going to try and get caught up with my you-tube videos Sunday, no promises but I have some fun ideas coming! 

Thoughts for Thursday

Get ready friends for a post full of randomness. I know my blogging has been a little scattered this week but with my Birthday and my work schedule being a little off, it has left little time for blogging. Some fun outfit posts coming next week but until then here are some random thoughts currently happening : Warning spoilers ahead

PLL FINALE - I loved the finale and I can't believe they killed off Mona. I loved her! Anyways, I feel like we are slowly starting to put all the piece together and I am dying to know what is going to happen on the next season. Random thoughts:
 I like Toby as a cop. I can't believe they arrested Spencer. I hate Hannah's hair/new outfit choices and wish she would go back to her pre-Alison cute clothing. 

I have to go back to the gym...... I think what I really need to do is start taking some classes because I am bored of the gym. I am thinking hot yoga or maybe Barre3 which just opened in Mobile. My girlfriend went to a class at the one in New York and said it was awesome. Suggestions? 

I really need some jeans and blouses. I have said this before but I need more everyday wear and less special event/occasion items. Seriously working on my closet basics. 

I really want these Rag and Bone jeans. The perfect everyday pair.

The perfect blouse has been on my wishlist for a long time and it just seems really expensive. I know I would have it forever but it is hard to justify. 

The pumpkin spice latte is back and it brings with it dreams of crisp leaves, fall trees, apples and cinnamon, and my favorite season .... FALL I love you! 

Thats my Thursday randomness! Looking forward to the long weekend and some great Labor Day sales. 

Book Review: Where'd you go Bernadette?

Simply fantastic! The funniest book I have read in a long time. The book is made up of a series of e-mails, letters, Dr. bills and narrative. It is set-up such an interesting way and it is such a fun way for the story to unravel. You follow the lives of Bee and her parents Bernadette and Elgin on a series of events that leads up to a family trip to Antarctica. What ensues is a slew of comedic events and flawless writing.   A fantastic book about an eclectic woman and her family. Family drama and comedy! I literally couldn't put it down and finished it in a day. So well written, a must read! 

Birthday Girl

It's my Birthday!!! Officially the last one in my twenties.....which is a little strange. I have to say that I am not freaking out about it. I have loved my late twenties and I will enjoy this last year in them before I fully embrace the thirties. I could have a melt down next year but only time will tell ;)

Have I ever told y'all I share a birthday with my brother? Shout out to my brother Jack who is turning 26 today! I hope you have the most fantastic day and I love you so much! 

 I am off to enjoy my day with my sweet friends and family. See y'all tomorrow!

Weekend Update + Giveaway Winner

Happy Monday dolls! Tomorrow is my Birthday so I will be celebrating it all week long. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Our's was super low key and I actually did a ton of reading. Another book review is coming tomorrow. Not too much to report! I'm super boring!

Did a ton of reading! Finished Where'd you go Bernadette review coming tomorrow. So good! Currently reading Me Before You. 

Facemask I am currently loving Freeman Charcoal and Black sugar and reading Me Before You

OBSESSED with the theme song from Outlander and still the show! 

Played with my fur baby! 

Sunday OOTD! 

Image via EONLINE

The VMAS was totally vintage 90s last night and I loved every single minute. I thought that it was 1/2 VMAs and 1/2 Beyonce concert. Thoughts? Also I am beginning to not know 60% of the people at this show so it might be time to retire from watching... maybe in my 29th year! 

Now for our giveaway winner! Thank you to everyone who entered! 

The giveaway winner is Clare Tea!! Congrats Clare! Shop the Mint will be e-mailing you your gift-card! Hope you enjoy!! 

Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

There are books that you read and you know that the writing is subpar but you get sucked in anyways.  The Fault in our Stars is no such book, it is on another level, y'all. This book is just beautiful, everything about it. The words, the way the characters are written and the beauty you see in the sadness of their situation is just captivating. I sobbed several times reading their beautiful and tragic love story. I empathized with them and I just can't say enough it was beautiful, ironic, and sad. One of my favorite books I have read in a long time. There were so many quotes ( I used to be a bit of a quoteaholic, circling, saving, all my favorites in a little book), just beautiful words. 

Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters meet at a cancer support group, she is terminally ill. What happens next, Augustus changes her life. 

My review: A++ WORTH THE HYPE! Buy it and a box of tissues!

Currently Craving: A new bag

I am on the market for a new handbag that I can carry everyday. I want one that is roomy and can fit all of my stuff in it, but also looks polished and put together. A great handbag should be an investment and something you will carry for years to come. I think it is worth the money to invest in it because they will last.  Also, don't forget to enter the Shop the Mint giveaway. Start your Fall shopping right! 

Here are the ones I am currently eyeing. 

Plaid + Stripes

Hump Day y'all! My Birthday is next week. I can't believe I am going to be 29.... might have a tiny meltdown. Not completely sure how I feel about it yet. I think 29 might be harder than 30? Anyone? 

This outfit is my way of starting to add a little Fall into my wardrobe. A little stripe, my favorite Tory Burch flats, and my favorite plaid J.Crew headband. That's about all the layering I can do in this August heat right now. It does make me excited for Fall though! Pumpkin Spice latte anyone? It's my favorite time of year! Don't forget to enter the Shop the Mint giveaway y'all! 

--- What am I wearing ---

Top - J.Crew Factory similar here
Shorts - Boutique (OLD) similar here 
Ballet flats - Tory Burch Reva
Headband - J.Crew Factory ( OLD) love this
Sunglasses - Rayban Aviators
Bag - Longchamp Le Pliage Medium

Shop the Look:

DIY : Upcycling candles + my DIY dreams

I am not going to lie, usually my DIY projects do NOT turn out to look much like the beautiful photo that inspired me to make them in the first place. I want to be a DIYer, seriously I do. My husband saw this on the chive and told me that's what he felt like my projects turned out like..... no comment. 

Ask any of my girlfriends, who sweetly accepted my terrible DIYed gifts ( one year I bedazzled wineglasses for all my girlfriends and seriously thought it might be my career path)...it is questionable the way my mind works sometimes and why I still have friends. Granted this was in high school and I still don't know how appropriate it was for my parents to let me use their wine bottles to make these gifts but it happened.

But for realz.....

On to my easy peasy project that even the DIY challenged can do... which is what I was getting at with my lengthy intro into the strange phases of my youth. 
I am a huge candle lover and I am always burning through them. I hate throwing away pretty or unique jars after the candle is used. I loved the idea of reusing my candles for all sorts of organization and even making new candles. 

The steps are so simple.

1.) Freeze your candles

2.) Take out of the freezer and break up the wax with a knife

3.) The wax should come out fairly easy, I had a hard time with the wicks of the Bath & Body candles so I soaked them with the wicks still glued.

4.) Soak your candles, then remove all labels. The wicks should peel out as well, if they are still stuck. Set out to dry.

5.) Choose how you want to use your candles to organize. I love these together for my cotton pads and q-tips. 

My fun multi-colored glass currently holds my makeup brushes.

I loved this project and am already planning ways to use the rest of my candles. I might not be a DIY pro but this is a project everyone can do. I have resigned that I will just have to go out and buy the super fancy DIY things, but by goodness I can upcycle some candles! 

Shout out to my bestie Darcy who to this day probably still has the wine bottle I gave her and the sign we made for her 16th bday out of wood, lots of glitter, and her name in rope lights.... it was my masterpiece. 

Dog Days of Summer

 Happy Monday Frands! I was trying to put together some fun new outfits this weekend and unfortunately it is still really hot here. We are in the dog days people. So really shorts are the most practical. I have been living in these denim shorts and my favorite panama hat all summer long. So what's a few more weeks. 

Our weekend was spent doing absolutely nothing ..... it was fantastic. We have not had many events so far in August and I am not going to lie, doing nothing sometimes is my favorite. I watched the second episode of Outlander on Saturday, still obsessed. It is so good. I am almost finished with The Fault in our Stars, review coming at the end of the week. That book y'all... it tugs at my heart strings. Hope everyone has a fabulous week! Don't forget to enter the Shop the Mint giveaway. It runs through Friday! 

---What am I wearing---

Top - Forever 21 (OLD) loving J.Crew version here
Shorts - Target Mossimo
Shoes - Zara SOLD OUT loving these
Hat - Target SOLD OUT loving this one
Sunglasses - Rayban

Currently Craving: Closet Basics

I was putting together some new outfits for the blog yesterday and I realized that my closet is seriously lacking in some basic pieces that are necessary for classic looks. I am really bad about not wanting to buy boring basics and I have talked about this in the past but they really need to happen. 

When you don't have black shorts or a basic pair of jeans that you love and that fit correctly.... you know they need to be added to your wardrobe. I carry my list on my phone of items I am always looking to add to my wardrobe. Here are a few that I am looking to add soon. 

Black Shorts - You just need them. I have denim, white, color, and print. I need black

Blazers - I would like to have one in nude, black and a fun color. First I think I will add the black. 

Pumps - Nude pump and a fun leopard pump. I would love nude Louboutins but that is not going to happen for a little while and I need some for now. J.Crew makes a great version, they are still pretty expensive. But I have found with shoes it is better to spend a little money.

Jeans - As with shoes, I think you need to spend a little more on jeans for a great quality. Rag and Bone can do no wrong in my opinion.

Blouse - A classic blouse in a neutral color. It can go with everything. Stylish by itself. I have talked about this top before but I think it is perfect and I want it in every color.

Skirts - I would like a great skater skirt, leather ( have brown need black), and a cute skort. This zara inspired one I found on EBay for $28 and I will make it mine. I know these are played out but I love it and want one. 

T-Shirts - Black, white and gray. 

Black dress - A simple day dress that I can wear in the Fall and with tights, boots, and scarves in the winter. This one by ASOS has been on my radar for some time. I don't have enough casual dresses.

Black leather jacket - You just need one. It goes with everything and adds just a little edge to any outfit. 

Classic bag - I really need a classic everyday bag. I have my Rebecca Minkoff mini M.A.C. that I love but it is more of a night time or on the go bag. Right now I carry my Longchamp Le Pliage bag daily, but I want something a little sturdier and bigger to carry all my crap. It is more of a summer tote as well. 

Colored denim - Black and grey for the Fall. 

What are y'alls wardrobe staples? Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! Don't forget to enter the Shop the Mint giveaway and get your own Fall basics!