With Style and a Little Grace: T.V. Review : Pretty Little Liars 100th Episode

T.V. Review : Pretty Little Liars 100th Episode


Some of y'all are probably scratching your head and thinking "Did she really dedicate a whole post to one tv episode"

.... YEP thats right I did. 

If you have been around here long enough you know this is one of my FAVORITE shows. I know, I know I am a tween girl. It is so good I read the books.. blah, blah, blah you get the picture. 
If you are not interested then come back tomorrow for a fun currently craving post but for my die-hard fans out there we need to discuss some serious topics from tonights 100th episode. 

1.) The hook-ups : Ezria people ( Oh the key lime pie yall.. we knew this was going to happen) but I was seriously loving the rendition of Every Breathe You Take that played in the background. Like seriously, I downloaded it. Emily and Allie, poor Emily. I definitely think Allie is using her. 

2.) CALEB IS BACK and drunk Hannah is hilarious. How the hell are they going to twist his whole Ravenswood plot and what's going on with his facial hair? I do like Travis but you can't beat Caleb. Didn't it look like he knew Alison? He never met her though right?

3.) MONA is evil. She does it so well She has so many people working for her. Is she back at being A?

4.) Where is everything going? Are we going to find out more about Betheny? There are so many different plots happening. What really happened to Allie? Clearly something awful. 

5.) Is Spencers dad a murderer? What are they covering up? 

Best episode all season! 

So many unanswered questions!! I might have recently gotten Netflix and started watching from Season One again. Judge free zone!

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