With Style and a Little Grace: June Favorites

June Favorites

Hi, it's Gracie the broken record here.... where did June go? I literally feel like the months are flying by. I mean Christmas is in 6 months people..... Ahhh crazy OCD lady coming out a little bit. 

On to my favorites:


Loreal Telescopic  - The BEST mascara for separating your lashes I have ever tried. It has a tiny little brush that can really accentuate.


Forever 21 island romper - I am loving the playsuit trend in this heat and it is so easy to throw on and go. I am living in this one from Forever 21. It is now only $15 ! Can't beat that!

T.V. Shows

No shocker here I am loving that Pretty Little Liars is back for the summer. What's going to happen?? DUN DUN DUN

Also True Blood is back! And did y'all watch the new show The Leftovers on Sunday night HBO? It was super weird and good. Henry and I are hooked!! 


The Godfather - I finally caved and watched this with my husband who has been trying to get me to for a long time now. I can't believe I have never seen it. Such a classic "Maunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday" . We have The Godfather Two set up for our next classic flick Sunday. 

We also went to the movies last weekend and saw X-Men: Days of Future Past and it was really good. I always love the X-Men, I'm a super nerd. We came home and watched the new Wolverine after and it was really good too. 

Favorite Book

Cuckoo's Calling - Talked about it a bunch and I am loving it. I am hoping to finish it this week. I am a little slow on my books right now because I have been pretty busy. Maybe if I weren't watching so much t.v. I would have time to read my book ;) !


Love runs out - One Republic 

Such a good one to work out to! 

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