With Style and a Little Grace: Jewelry every woman should have in her arsenal

Jewelry every woman should have in her arsenal

Oh jewels, we all love them don't we? Gorgeous decorative baubles to take our entire look to the next level. A little retro or super classic depending on your mood. I began my love of costume jewelry at a very young age and it just grew from there. I am sad to say  that I am just now starting to build my jewelry collection with pieces that will last throughout the years. It wasn't really the #1 thing that I wanted while I was growing up, and although I do have a few timeless pieces I am just now starting to really grow my collection.

I think a jewelry collection should be well cultivated and that each piece should tell a different story.  My most cherished are my grandmothers pearls that I was given before my wedding,and a diamond ring my parents gave me in college that was actually the first piece I was able to pick out on my own. And of course my wedding ring and band. 

Here are several that I think every woman should have and that I am still trying to add to my own collection.

A great pair of studs. I really think you should probably have a great diamond pair and a pearl. 

A statement earring for those occasions when you need a little something extra

A statement bracelet to wear with all outfits. 

A great statement necklace. This one my Kate Spade is so fun with a t-shirt or with a dressier option. 

What are your jewelry must haves? 
Let me know in the comments y'all! 

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