With Style and a Little Grace: Dog Days of Summer: Thursday Ramblings

Dog Days of Summer: Thursday Ramblings

I honestly can't complain about the dog days of summer because it has been downright pleasant the last couple of days in Mobile. The weather in the mornings has been cool, breezy and just gorgeous. I can't get over it and don't want it to end. That being said, today is the last day of July and tomorrow marks the beginning of my Birthday month ( yes I am one of those obnoxious people), and we all know it will get hot again. Probably tomorrow. 

Currently happening at our house:

My car has been in and out of the shop for two weeks now and what we thought was a very expensive problem turned into a much smaller problem. I said my prayers after that one. God was looking out for us. 

I am starting back on my budget this month. I am thinking about going the cash only method and seeing if that helps me stay on a budget. I am really working on it but it is a constant struggle for me. 

I turn 29 next month and I think it might be freaking me out more than 30 will? Is that totally bizarre? I have also started thinking about kids and age and the whole biological clock thing. I believe that this is all totally normal or I could be a total freak. 

Hank is back on the football schedule and he is about to enter into his last college semester.  I am so proud of him and know he will do great! 

I also decided to go over my summer bucket list that you will find here and see what items I have left to accomplish in the next couple of weeks. 

Make ice cream
Have a picnic
Take a yoga class
Finish my summer reading list here - just one more book - The fault in our stars
Explore Mobile - We are going to see a few totally touristy places next weekend - The Battleship, Mardi Gras museum etc.
* Sno cones

* New additions

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