With Style and a Little Grace: Back to School - Necessities

Back to School - Necessities

With the 1st of August happening this Friday, everyone is doing the mad dash for back to school shopping this weekend. I can't believe schools are beginning to start back next week. It is just too early. I remember when I was in school we didn't go back until my birthday week which is the 26th of August. I'm officially old.

Anyways, back to school shopping was something I looked forward to every year. Just me, my mom, and the smell of new pencils and fresh new clothing. Some of my favorite memories are those shopping trips with her planning outfits and ideas for all the fun things that the new school year and the fall season held. I can't wait to be able to do that with my kids. 

Even though I am no longer in school, it is the change of the season and what better way to celebrate with some new items to start the season fresh. Here are some great items whether you are going back to school or just need a little revamp for the fall! 

1.) A new planner - Erin Condren life planner - I always start the season off with a new planner and I have heard that for the OCD planner like me these are some of the best around. You can customize them and they come with lots of bells and whistles. The perfect way to get organized. 

2.) Tennis shoes - Nike Free 5.0 - No back to school trip was ever complete without a new pair of shoes and I seriously need a new pair. 

3.) Backpack - Sueda tassal backpack - Backpacks are back in style again and I think this fabulous tassel one can carry you to class or out with friends! 

4.) A great pouch for accessories : pens, pencils, your favorite lip gloss. This one  by Marley Lilly is perfect!

5.) A great tee to start your week off with just the right amount of humor by Wildfox

7.) Pens and pencils to write in your new planner. The school year is not complete without fresh pencils. Dying over these from Lilly Pulitzer.

8.) Lunchbox - For school or work you need something cute to carry your healthy snacks in. L.L. Beans makes the cut in this fun teal color! 

10.) A great attitude! 


  1. I love Erin Condren planners. I get one every year! I love all her products though.