With Style and a Little Grace: July 2014

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Dog Days of Summer: Thursday Ramblings

I honestly can't complain about the dog days of summer because it has been downright pleasant the last couple of days in Mobile. The weather in the mornings has been cool, breezy and just gorgeous. I can't get over it and don't want it to end. That being said, today is the last day of July and tomorrow marks the beginning of my Birthday month ( yes I am one of those obnoxious people), and we all know it will get hot again. Probably tomorrow. 

Currently happening at our house:

My car has been in and out of the shop for two weeks now and what we thought was a very expensive problem turned into a much smaller problem. I said my prayers after that one. God was looking out for us. 

I am starting back on my budget this month. I am thinking about going the cash only method and seeing if that helps me stay on a budget. I am really working on it but it is a constant struggle for me. 

I turn 29 next month and I think it might be freaking me out more than 30 will? Is that totally bizarre? I have also started thinking about kids and age and the whole biological clock thing. I believe that this is all totally normal or I could be a total freak. 

Hank is back on the football schedule and he is about to enter into his last college semester.  I am so proud of him and know he will do great! 

I also decided to go over my summer bucket list that you will find here and see what items I have left to accomplish in the next couple of weeks. 

Make ice cream
Have a picnic
Take a yoga class
Finish my summer reading list here - just one more book - The fault in our stars
Explore Mobile - We are going to see a few totally touristy places next weekend - The Battleship, Mardi Gras museum etc.
* Sno cones

* New additions

Book Review : If I Stay

I just finished If I stay which was one of the books on my summer reading list and thought I would start a little mini review series on my books. Do y'all like this idea? 

So this book is about a high school girl named Mia and her family.  She is a classical musician and her family and boyfriend are all very musical too. ( don't think this is pertinent but I enjoyed it)  It starts on the day of a tragic accident that leaves her having an out of body experience. As she watches her friends and family rally around her she has to come to grips with everything that she has lost. It is a beautiful and heartbreaking story about love and loss. Will she stay or go? 

I really enjoyed this book y'all.  I finished it in 3 days reading it at night before bed. It is a very easy read.  I will definitely be purchasing the second book in this series as well. I have heard that it is great. The movie version of If I Stay is coming out this weekend I think? I would love to see the movie too but I think it is going to be a renter for me. 

So there is my botched review of the book: It's good blah blah you should read it blah blah! 

Here is the trailer. 

Enjoy people

Back to School - Necessities

With the 1st of August happening this Friday, everyone is doing the mad dash for back to school shopping this weekend. I can't believe schools are beginning to start back next week. It is just too early. I remember when I was in school we didn't go back until my birthday week which is the 26th of August. I'm officially old.

Anyways, back to school shopping was something I looked forward to every year. Just me, my mom, and the smell of new pencils and fresh new clothing. Some of my favorite memories are those shopping trips with her planning outfits and ideas for all the fun things that the new school year and the fall season held. I can't wait to be able to do that with my kids. 

Even though I am no longer in school, it is the change of the season and what better way to celebrate with some new items to start the season fresh. Here are some great items whether you are going back to school or just need a little revamp for the fall! 

1.) A new planner - Erin Condren life planner - I always start the season off with a new planner and I have heard that for the OCD planner like me these are some of the best around. You can customize them and they come with lots of bells and whistles. The perfect way to get organized. 

2.) Tennis shoes - Nike Free 5.0 - No back to school trip was ever complete without a new pair of shoes and I seriously need a new pair. 

3.) Backpack - Sueda tassal backpack - Backpacks are back in style again and I think this fabulous tassel one can carry you to class or out with friends! 

4.) A great pouch for accessories : pens, pencils, your favorite lip gloss. This one  by Marley Lilly is perfect!

5.) A great tee to start your week off with just the right amount of humor by Wildfox

7.) Pens and pencils to write in your new planner. The school year is not complete without fresh pencils. Dying over these from Lilly Pulitzer.

8.) Lunchbox - For school or work you need something cute to carry your healthy snacks in. L.L. Beans makes the cut in this fun teal color! 

10.) A great attitude! 


The title of this post makes me think about Scandal and how I can't wait for Olivia Pope to be back this Fall and then I start thinking about how much I love Fall television. It's so good y'all! Anyways.... here is my casual Saturday look that I wore to run around town and see my family in. 

I found this adorable top a few weeks ago on my new favorite website sheinside. They have some of the most adorable clothing for super cheap y'all. I would probably say the quality is comparable to Forever21 but for fun trendy stuff you can't beat it.  This top was $12 .... hold the phone. It is so cute. I also picked up this dress that I wore to my reunion for $25 and it is now marked down to $17. For real check them out ASAP! 

Also I finally got my hair did. My stylist gave me some new layers and thinned it out for me. I am not ready to chop it but I think the layers really give it a lot more volume. 

--- What am I wearing--

TOP - SheInside

SHORTS - J.Crew - My favorite chinos of all time

GLADIATOR SANDALS - Target (Last season ) similar here

SUNGLASSES - Rayban Aviators

PHONE CASE - Lifeproof - Teal

Weekend Update

Gorgeous blooms at Suzanne's house.

Dad watering the plants

Fam Jam

Reunited with my lady loves! 

With the hubs at my reunion

Happy Monday Friends! We had such a fun weekend, but as usual I am worn out from it. We went to my hometown for my 10 year reunion and to make the rounds seeing all of my family. It was a blast and I saw so many people that I haven't seen in a long time. I hate that  I didn't get more pics. 


A few of my favorite images right now. I am off to my high school reunion. I hope y'all have an amazing weekend! I need it after the crazy week we had. More on Monday! 

Thoughts for Thursday

Random thoughts for your Thursday

1.) I need to go into a serious money saving spiral y'all. I am considering doing the 90 day don't buy anything (unnecessary ) challenge. Have y'all done this before? I really need to start putting some money in savings.

2.) I can't believe how quickly summer is flying by. I know I am a broken record but it is 6 months until Christmas holy moly! 

3.) I went to the gym last week and haven't been back. I need to get back into a routine ASAP

4.) Loved the Ladies of London finale. I finally watched it last night and was so entertained. I am not really digging Caprice. She got on my nerves. Hope they come back for a second season.

5.) All I have wanted to eat recently is salad... it is so tasty. 

6.) I am looking forward to my 10 year reunion this weekend and seeing some of my friends that I haven't seen in a long time. 

How To: Store your nail polish

Happy Hump-day ladies! I am bringing you a tiny slice of my organizationally obsessed mind today. One of my favorite things to do is to clean and organize...no I am not joking. I have been like this for as long as I can remember, as my mother would say I get it honestly. I love to see how people store things and it always gives me great ideas, so I am showing you how I like to store my nail polish. Also, I finally figured out how to write on my pictures.... blogger learning curve. I am getting there. 

* True life - I'm a lipstick hoarder

I store all of my polishes in the refrigerator because I think that it helps my polish last longer. I read this somewhere a long time ago and have been doing it ever since. I also love keeping my seasonal favorites out as a reminder to change my nail polish and have a little fun with them. I might be a nail polish hoarder too but I love adding to my collection.  Let me know if y'all like these organizational posts and I might start adding them into my weekly rotation. 

Thank you for reading! 

Currently Craving

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini - Besides my Fave Rebecca Minkoff this is the perfect little over the shoulder bag for day trips or nights out. 

BB Dakota Corinna hooded jacket - Perfection for the fall and a great price at $90

Rag & Bone the boyfriend shorts - I think I have talked about these before but they are the perfect denim shorts. I got the Target version and love them but I think these will probably last a lot longer. 

Rag & Bone Harrow booties - I want these sooo badly. Everyone was talking about them last Fall and I just think they are the perfect bootie! Rag and Bone seriously knows how to make some booties! 

J.Crew Linen studded tank - I am loving cute statement tops right now and this would be adorable with jean shorts or white shorts/pants. 

Also in random Tuesday news, have y'all checked out Blake Lively's new website Preserve. It is supposed to be the younger version of Gwenyths' website Goop. I am kind of loving it. I love her and think she looked absolutely STUNNING on the cover of the new Vogue. 
Thoughts? So she seems a little arrogant and uppity in her article with Vogue but it's kinda like ole Gwennie I like her anyways. 

Happy Tuesday loves! This turned into an accidental black, white, and grey currently craving with a little bit of Fall clothing mixed in. I am not wishing summer away this year I promised myself, but there is some cute fall stuff coming out and my AC went out in my car this week sooo with the 95 degree temps it's been a little hard. Hopefully we are remedying that problem today! I hope everyone is having a great week. It is a short one for me because I am leaving Friday for my 10 year high school reunion. Crazy how quickly time flies. 

Also, if you aren't a follower I would love it if you took a minute to subscribe to my blog with bloglovin and google friend connect. You can find me on insta here.  That way you are updated every time a new post goes up! Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate it sooo much!! 

Weekend Snippets

Re-potted my succulent to give her a little more room and enjoyed my new Garden and Gun

Finally made my husband his peach cobbler he asks for every summer and as usual it was delicious. I had seconds and thirds. 

Finally framed some wedding photos in my new Pottery Barn frames

This lady got her hair done.. finally and am so happy with the new layers that are happening. 

New book + my favorite Essie mojito madness on my nails made for the perfect end to a pleasantly uneventful weekend!

Hope y'all are having a great Monday! We had a great rainy weekend filled with lots of book reading, cat naps, and netflix. Not too many pics to show for it. Definitely check out my top picks from the huge Nordstrom sale that I posted on Friday! 

Thank you so much for reading! 

What to wear : 10 year high school reunion

After talking to some of my girlfriends I have decided to start a fun monthly post called "What to wear" and I will pick a couple of fun outfits for different occasions: weddings, baby showers, cocktail parties, interviews, etc. I happen to be going to my 10 year high school reunion next weekend ( 10 years have seriously flown) and thought it would be fun to put a few different outfits together that would be super cute for it. Several different outfits for a few different types of stylish girls! 

Look #1 - Classic with a fun twist

Outfit #3 Artsy and Fashion Forward 

Let me know if y'all like this series and want me to do more. I am also going to start offering outfit styling for events and even if you just want someone to come help you put outfits together in your closet. Shoot me an e-mail and I will have more details under my contact info next week. 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Hi Friends, happy Friday and Nordstrom sale day. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that this amazing sale is happening. There are some great fall staples that I am dying to add to my wardrobe. I am not a Nordstrom cardholder so I didn't get to shop the early sales, but it is open to everyone today through August 4th and why not get in a little Christmas shopping early? Am I right? Also ya'll should check out Codesium for great Nordstrom, ASOS, and Finish Line coupons/codes. They have daily updates and a great selection of coupons. I love it. You can save money every time you shop, who doesn't want that? The have coupons, codes, and cashback rewards. Check it out!! 

rag & bone 'Newbury' bootie - seriously obsessed and think these are the best booties I have ever seen. I need a pair of rag and bone booties in my life this year

There is so much good stuff y'all! Hope you have a great weekend and happy shopping!!