With Style and a Little Grace: On this Friday

On this Friday

I loved this post over on Tales of me and the husband so I am being a little copy-cat. :)

Making: Peach cobbler for our one year anniversary this weekend

Cooking: A lot of breakfast for dinner and gravitating towards lighter meals as the weather gets increasingly hot

Drinking: Lots of water, coconut water, and sweet tea with lemon

Reading: Cruel Beauty y'all its so good!

Wanting: Everything on my pinterest wish list but mainly my new Canon EOS T3I that I am saving for.

Looking: At my gorgeous hydrangeas in my yard

Playing: Tennis finally

Wishing: To be on the water every chance I get

Enjoying: Summertime and all the fun things that come with it. Including some amazing trips with my husband

Loving: The 90s on 9 and also that random pop hits station thats right after the 90s on Sirius. Some good flashbacks friends

Hoping: To convince my husband that a picnic needs to happen

Needing: To print out my wedding photos. It's been a year

Smelling: My new midnight jasmine candle from TJ Maxx. Smells like the beach.

Feeling: A little busy right now but in a good way. Loving my blog so much.

Wearing: shorts and breezy tops. It is hot my friends!

Following: My new favorite bloggers Brightontheday and Southerncurlsandpearls They are seriously gorgeous and I love their sense of style!

Noticing: How rude kids are these days. Seriously it freaks me out. I sound like such an old lady but my parents taught me manners and it is scary to think how terrible their social skills are.

Knowing: How lucky I am to be married to my adorable loving husband

Feeling: Blessed and full because I just stuffed my face full of donuts and sushi

Happy Weekend!!

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