With Style and a Little Grace: Confessional Friday

Confessional Friday

Alright Ladies lets confess:

1.) I confess that I am posting this Confessional on Saturday morning whoops. Better late than never.

2.) I confess that I am bouncing off the walls ready to go the beach next week and spend some serious R&R time with my family. No plans, nothing I have to do. Beach time..... it's going to be AMAZING

3.) I confess Henry and I went to see X-Men: Days of Future past and then came home and watched The Wolverine. We love those kind of movies. It was really good. I always love X-Men.

4.) I confess I am still on a work-out hiatus right at the time that I really need to be working out... bikini season.

5.) I confess that I have tried to get into all the World Cup hype but I'm just not the biggest soccer fan. Anybody else?

6.) I confess that I am already planning my Fourth of July outfit. Love a good holiday to dress for.

Happy weekending!!

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