With Style and a Little Grace: Confessional Friday

Confessional Friday

Today I am doing my fun Friday link-up with A Blonde Ambition and confessing. Y'all join in! 

1.) I literally haven't been to the gym in three weeks. It has gotten really bad and I am for real planning on getting back to it this Sunday.

2.) I confess that when I saw this Lifetime movie  on Saved by the Bell was happening I was a little over excited. I am not going to lie my husband is totally going to watch this with me. I even shot out an e-mail about it. 

3.) I confess that I bought a bag of dark chocolate almonds Tuesday night and have almost eaten the entire bag.

4.) I confess that I am worn out from fun trips ( not complaining about the amount of fun) but I am excited about lazing around this weekend and being super lazy. 

5.) I confess that I want a new camera so badly I can taste it. I know I need to save for it but I want my pictures to be better on here and I have a hard time waiting for things. I am working on it. 

6.) I have been claiming I am going to cut off 10 inches of my hair and donate it for probably around 8 months now. I just moved my hair appointment to July today. I am putting it off and putting it off. I love the length of it right now but it is so hot and donating it is on my bucket list. To cut or not to cut that is the question.

It's the first day of summer this weekend! Hope everybody gets out for a little fun in the sun!! 

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  1. Hope your summer is the best yet.
    Choc almonds are my favourite