With Style and a Little Grace: 2 year Blogiversary

2 year Blogiversary

With Style and a Little Grace is officially two years old today y'all! Happy Birthday to her! I can't believe I have been blogging for two years. I love doing it so much and this blog has come such a long way. It is always improving and changing and I love working on it everyday and seeing it change and grow along with me. 

If you are a new reader you can read my very first post here. I thought it would be fun to recap a little on everything that has changed over the past two years. 

I became Catholic
I got married
Watched some of my best friends get married ( Celebrations ensued)
I became a Godmother (twice) to two precious little boys that I love
We went to St. Lucia and to Puerto Rico
We went on several other amazing trips
We celebrated our one year Wedding Anniversary
Started a Garden
Charlie turned 2 and then 3 
Joined a Mardi Gras organization
Joined the Junior League of Mobile

These past two years have been amazing filled with many celebrations and lots of love. I am so thankful to each and everyone of you that read my blog everyday and follow along. I truly strive to make it worth reading and try not to hold back. This special place on the internet holds a piece of my heart and allows me to open up creatively everyday and share my loves, thoughts, and dreams with all of you. 

I have decided if I reach 100 followers on Google Friend Connect and 200 on Bloglovin I am going to do a huge giveaway of some of my favorite things. So y'all follow along and if we reach the goal you could win! 

Sending lots of love across the internet today!

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  1. Happy 2 year birthday! 2 years is so impressive well done Gracie! xx