With Style and a Little Grace: June 2014

All American Girl

--- What am I wearing ---

Shorts - J.Crew
Shoes - Ralph Lauren (DSW old on EBay here ) 
Hat - Polo 
Sunglasses - Rayban 

This outfit screams classic American summer to me. I am recently loving baseball caps mixed into my wardrobe. Such a classic statement. I have a super short week today and tomorrow and I am off to the beach. So excited! 

Happy Monday! 

OP Style

Happy Monday friends! I am kicking it off with this insanely gorgeous Carolina Herrera ensemble Olivia Palermo wore on her Wedding day! Girl can seriously pull off anything! I love it! They are so attractive anyways that they don't need much. Notice the Sex and the City shoes? What do y'all think? 

Confessional Friday

Alright Ladies lets confess:

1.) I confess that I am posting this Confessional on Saturday morning whoops. Better late than never.

2.) I confess that I am bouncing off the walls ready to go the beach next week and spend some serious R&R time with my family. No plans, nothing I have to do. Beach time..... it's going to be AMAZING

3.) I confess Henry and I went to see X-Men: Days of Future past and then came home and watched The Wolverine. We love those kind of movies. It was really good. I always love X-Men.

4.) I confess I am still on a work-out hiatus right at the time that I really need to be working out... bikini season.

5.) I confess that I have tried to get into all the World Cup hype but I'm just not the biggest soccer fan. Anybody else?

6.) I confess that I am already planning my Fourth of July outfit. Love a good holiday to dress for.

Happy weekending!!

Currently Craving { My pinterest favorites }

Pinterest is one of my favorite down-times. It is where I wish wish wish and dream dream dream. It is a great place to cultivate your ideas into one spot and gather inspiration when you feel it lacking. I love to pin my wish list and also my favorite style looks to re-create something a litle different my own way.

Currently in my Pinterest dreams:

Loving this look for a laid-back summer vibe.

Dreaming of buying a house soon. This one is my ideal!

Favorite Quote of the moment

I need some fancy sandals in my life. These fit the bill perfectly!

My view next week

Coming to my kitchen soon

All images via Pinterest 

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Summer Soiree

J.Crew Factory printed peplum top // Victoria's Secret chino pants // Zara sandals ( sold out) similar here // Clutch Forever 21 OLD // Cuff Forever 21 // Rayban Aviators 

You know those events that you go to in the summer:  Graduation parties, Engagement parties, Cocktail parties, Date night with the hubs, well this is officially my outfit for those.  It is that perfect in-between of dressy but not too dressy. I feel like this top is so fun, bright, and perfectly summery. I am officially sold on J.Crew Factory. Everything I have gotten from them is adorable and great quality. I rocked out my sock bun for my hair. It is such an easy way to style your hair in a fun bun.

Hope your Wednesday is fantastic!

Tuesday Tid-Bits

It's Tuesday and as I have told you before it is my least favorite day of the week. Does anyone else feel this way or is it just crazy old me? I am so excited to be spending next week with my husband, mom, brother and his girlfriend at the beach for a relaxing 4th of July vacation. So you will hear no complaints from this lady. Zipping it. I am weirdly already planning outfit pictures and how would y'all feel about a what to pack for vacation post? 

 Anyways, I thought I would talk with y'all about my favorite shows this summer and other randomness that we haven't talked about in awhile. Shall we? 

* Disclaimer - If you are not caught up there might be some spoilers do not read ahead! 

 PLL or Pretty Little Liars for those of you that aren't hardcore fans like me ;) 

I have said it before and I will say it again I love this show but it is so far away from what they did in the book. I am so confused about how they are going to wrap it all up. Do y'all feel like it is a little all over the place? That being said I love it and I keep coming back for more so they must be doing something right. I also love that Allie is back and actually has some screen time. It should make things pretty interesting.

True Blood - The Final Season

I am not going to lie to y'all my husband and I have watched this show from the beginning and we had a few moments where we almost called it quits. It just got super strange the last few seasons. We have stuck it out and I am glad we did because I am excited to see how they will wrap everything up in the final season. Questions I have: Where is Eric? Is he going to be out all season? Will Bill and Sookie get together? WHAT about Tara? OMG! I love Lafayette so much! 

Ladies of London - Season 1 

I am loving this new British version of crazy housewives. Marisa is adorable and all her outfits are so cute. Um did y'all see the 4th of July party? Keep being ruder... Keep being ruder.... bahahaha. I enjoyed it.

Real Housewives of Orange County

It is getting very entertaining on Orange County this season what do y'all think? Shannon brought the crazy and Tamra is bringing out her old crazy. She just can't keep any friends can she? I haven't watched the episode this week but I am dying to see what happens. I do feel sorry for Shannon but she is just letting everyone know about her marriage problems which is just adding fuel to the fire. It is crazy on that show right now.

I am really enjoying The Cuckoo's Calling  and I just figured out that it is written by J.K. Rowling. She used a pseudonym and I just figured this out the other day. No wonder I like the writing of this book so much. I am trying to read my book at night and read my daily devotional. I find that it helps me sleep better and get ready for the next day. I am reading my Daily Light that my Aunt gave me and I love it.

Printed Playsuit

Happy Monday y'all! I hope everyone is having a great start to their week. If you haven't checked out my first you-tube video I would love for you to check it out here and subscribe to my channel. I am going to do weekly videos. 

I picked up this adorable printed playsuit from Forever 21 this weekend on a shopping trip. What are y'alls thoughts on them? I have seen so many bloggers wearing them that I finally caved and got one. I literally wore it all weekend. It is such an easy fun outfit to pull together on a hot summer day. I also realized that I desperately need a hair appointment. Don't worry I have one in 2 weeks but please excuse the color happening in my roots :( 

--What am I wearing --

Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C bag

Target flats ( Last season) 

Big news: I have started making you-tube videos { Summer fashion and beauty haul}

Hi y'all! I hope everyone is enjoying their first day of summer. I have been toying around with the idea of making you-tube videos for a long time now. I decided that I would go ahead and start doing it even if I can't afford the fancy equipment right now. I had so much fun doing this and am going to start doing a weekly video. 

I think it is the best way to do my hauls, reviews or even talk to you about my favorites. I always enjoy other peoples videos so I hope y'all enjoy mine as well. I know the quality is not amazing but I am still very new at this and I am working on my editing skills.

Things I learned about myself by watching this video:

- My husband is right I saw um way too often
- Also I use the word so a little too much
- My hair also started to look like a nest towards the end of the video

* I just want to state that I am in no way bragging about anything in this video. I just love to see what other people get when they shop and I thought it would be super fun to do the same. I'm nosy!

Confessional Friday

Today I am doing my fun Friday link-up with A Blonde Ambition and confessing. Y'all join in! 

1.) I literally haven't been to the gym in three weeks. It has gotten really bad and I am for real planning on getting back to it this Sunday.

2.) I confess that when I saw this Lifetime movie  on Saved by the Bell was happening I was a little over excited. I am not going to lie my husband is totally going to watch this with me. I even shot out an e-mail about it. 

3.) I confess that I bought a bag of dark chocolate almonds Tuesday night and have almost eaten the entire bag.

4.) I confess that I am worn out from fun trips ( not complaining about the amount of fun) but I am excited about lazing around this weekend and being super lazy. 

5.) I confess that I want a new camera so badly I can taste it. I know I need to save for it but I want my pictures to be better on here and I have a hard time waiting for things. I am working on it. 

6.) I have been claiming I am going to cut off 10 inches of my hair and donate it for probably around 8 months now. I just moved my hair appointment to July today. I am putting it off and putting it off. I love the length of it right now but it is so hot and donating it is on my bucket list. To cut or not to cut that is the question.

It's the first day of summer this weekend! Hope everybody gets out for a little fun in the sun!! 

2 year Blogiversary

With Style and a Little Grace is officially two years old today y'all! Happy Birthday to her! I can't believe I have been blogging for two years. I love doing it so much and this blog has come such a long way. It is always improving and changing and I love working on it everyday and seeing it change and grow along with me. 

If you are a new reader you can read my very first post here. I thought it would be fun to recap a little on everything that has changed over the past two years. 

I became Catholic
I got married
Watched some of my best friends get married ( Celebrations ensued)
I became a Godmother (twice) to two precious little boys that I love
We went to St. Lucia and to Puerto Rico
We went on several other amazing trips
We celebrated our one year Wedding Anniversary
Started a Garden
Charlie turned 2 and then 3 
Joined a Mardi Gras organization
Joined the Junior League of Mobile

These past two years have been amazing filled with many celebrations and lots of love. I am so thankful to each and everyone of you that read my blog everyday and follow along. I truly strive to make it worth reading and try not to hold back. This special place on the internet holds a piece of my heart and allows me to open up creatively everyday and share my loves, thoughts, and dreams with all of you. 

I have decided if I reach 100 followers on Google Friend Connect and 200 on Bloglovin I am going to do a huge giveaway of some of my favorite things. So y'all follow along and if we reach the goal you could win! 

Sending lots of love across the internet today!

Currently Craving

I am not going to lie this week started off a little rocky but I am finally starting to see a little order being restored. I love love love the summer but sometimes it is so hard to get caught up on things that creepily pile up while I am having fun. Fun suckers! Order and balance my friends are key building blocks... yes yes I know I am an OCD freak... :) Can we still be friends?

What better way to get into a great mood than to talk about the things I am currently coveting.

The perfect weekend bag by Marley Lilly here

A pretty floral playsuit by TopShop here Apparently my husband is not into rompers ( he is not shy in the opinion department) but honestly I dress for the fashion people.... the fashion. Am I right? 

I have completely convinced myself that I need this Vineyard Vines hat in my life and that Henry needs one too. I mean it's adorable right? 

Champagne tee  I mean because who doesn't need one. 

The most amazing vacation dress for Lulus here

Lulus embroidered shorts for hot summer days here

Piperlime pure sugar midi skirt - How adorable with a white top and nude heels? 

Weekend Update { Virginia Trip }

{ First glass of wine watching the sunset on our first night at my Aunt and Uncles house}

{ Gorgeous view from our cottage}

{ The best meal I have had all summer. Stone crab legs, shrimp, corn, and potatoes } 

{ The boys playing some golf }

{ Enjoying some time with my bestie Darcy!  So much fun! }

{ Photo with my hubs at the gorgeous Wedding } 

{ Every reception should have ponies } 

{ The yellow camaro we went to the wedding in. Haha Darcy and Joes rental for the weekend. We love it... super subtle } 

{ Kingston Plantation was stunning } 

Happy Monday my friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend. One of my favorites hands down. We had such an amazing time in Virginia seeing friends and family and going to a friends gorgeous wedding. It was so wonderful to see everyone and it was jam-packed with catching up.  It is hot hot hot here in Mobile. I hope everyone is beating the heat.