With Style and a Little Grace: What would you tell yourself as a fresh graduate?

What would you tell yourself as a fresh graduate?

I always write down my favorite posts from my favorite bloggers in the hopes of gaining inspiration. I saw this fantastic post several months ago by one of my all time favorite bloggers and thought it would be a fun one to do around graduation time. I was also thinking it might be especially fun seeing as my 10 year high school reunion is in July. It is truly crazy how quickly time flies.

5 things I would tell my 18 year old self:

1.) Enjoy the ride.  Let me be honest by saying that you probably aren't that much closer to knowing exactly what you want to do with your life 10 years later but all the little bumps and bruises will lead you in the right direction. Enjoy your time at every station of your life. Don't wish the time away thinking about making it to your next checkpoint ( still guilty of this sometimes). Savor this time and all the freedom that comes with it. Your probably watching TRL with Carson Daly right now instant messaging your friends so you should go outside and do something fun! Take your CD player ;)

2.) Exercise. You will be very upset about the sophomore thirty. It is legit and it happens. It will take you a year to get that weight off. Be weary of the late night Dominos and Quick-Grill after Swap parties. Stay active. Keep playing tennis, exercising. Smoking cigarettes is a terrible decision and you will regret it. I know you hate them now. Do not even pick one up at a college party. You will look back and wish you hadn't. It is seriously a disgusting habit. Also, wear sunscreen on your face. Wrinkles are no fun. #TRUTH

3.) Be Yourself. Don't be the version of you that you think people want you to be. Be your weird self all the time. I promise that if people don't like it you do not want them as your friend anyways. Stay true to you.

4.) Savor your friendships. You are about to embark on some of the most amazing friendships of your life. Savor your girl time. The nights getting ready together, movie/TV watching, late night chatting and laughing on the porch. Doing seriously weird things together. You will truly cherish that time in your life. Hold it dear. When else will all your favorite people live in the same town?

5.) Everything does work out in the end. You are a planner always have been and lets face it always will be. Don't stress too much if everything doesn't go exactly the way you thought it would. Take the time for you and do the things that you want to do. God has an amazing plan and he will lead you down the right path. Have fun!

Study a little harder. Take a stand. Travel. Be honest even when it's hard. Become comfortable in your own skin ( even if you gain a little weight ;) But for real don't smoke cigarettes.

A collab of my favorites from the fabulous year 2004 when I graduated :)

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