With Style and a Little Grace: May 2014

May Favorites

Another month has passed and I feel like it flew by. May was crazy busy and as much fun as I had I am looking forward to several weeks at home before we head out on our next summer vacation. We are so lucky to have so many fun vacations planned this summer but sometimes it is just as nice to sit at home with nothing to do. Am I right?

I love doing monthly favorites so here are all the things I have loved during the month of May!


* This is the perfect illuminator to swipe on your cheeks in the summer time when you aren't wearing a lot of makeup. It gives a great natural glow.

* Another summer go-to. I use this brick for bronzer and as individual eyeshadows. The best drugstore shimmer brick.

* A great neutral eye-shadow against freshly tanned skin.

* The perfect green polish

* Hands down my favorite drugstore mascara I have tried in years. It separates lashes so well with no clumping. 

* The quality of this lip-gloss is up there with some of my more high-end products. The pigmentation is amazing. It is the perfect pink. I also got it in Celestial which is a great nude. I would buy all of the colors. 


Crop Tops - I am still loving this trend but the only one I have found that I loved is this one from Target but I have yet to find the right piece to style it with. Suggestions? I am thinking a good maxi skirt.

Stripes - My philosophy is you can never have enough stripes for summer. There is something so classic about them. ( I know I have said this probably 100 times but the older I get the more I gravitate to classics) I have worn this dress non stop. It is super cute dressed up or down. 

TV Shows

Vampire Diaries Finale

OMG! I feel like they were letting me down a little bit and then just like that they sucked me back into the web again. Loved the finale. Can't wait for next season.


That Awkward Moment - Hilarious. We watched it on our flight home from Puerto Rico and be warned it is a little raunchy. But pretty cute! 


I have talked about this a lot. Great beach read. Currently reading Cruel Beauty and I am hooked.


Ingrid Michaelson - Girls chase boys

Happy Summer Friends! 

Confessional Friday { Link - Up }

It's confessional Friday friends and I am linking up with A Blonde Ambition for all my confessions. Hope everyone has a great relaxing weekend. I am cleaning and relaxing. May has been a blur of travel and I finally have a little time at home!

1.) I confess that I haven't done laundry in a week and a half and our house is super super dirty. I have two suitcases that have not been emptied. Saturday is cleaning day y'all!

2.) I confess that I was so tired this week we ate out pretty much every single night. Good wife award right here!

3.) I confess that I really want to do more outfit pics but I am having the hardest time finding time to do all the things that I want to do. It is wearing me out.

4.) I confess that I can't WAIT for PLL to start back up in June. I LOVE THAT SHOW!

5.) I confess that I didn't fix my hair all week.....

What are your confessions? Link up

Summer Reading List

When summer rolls around and all of my favorite shows season premieres have finally been watched I make my summer reading list. I get so excited about all the books I plan to devour on long leisurely nights. There is something about the summertime (even though I am now a member of the real world and work during it) that releases me from the usual strict schedule. I don't watch as much TV ( which I should really work on anyways) and the nights are just a little more free.

Here are some of the books I plan on reading/read - would love any recommendations!

Beautiful Day - This was the first one on my reading list and I read it in Puerto Rico. So good. It has family drama/loss centered around a summer wedding in Nantucket. I love everything she does. Perfect beach read!

The Cuckoos Calling -  I just started this one it has lots of intrigue. A private investigator begins an investigation into the apparent suicide of a supermodel. The closer he comes to the truth the closer the danger is.

Cruel Beauty - Think Beauty and the Beast in a dystopian style society. A young girl betrothed to an evil ruler and she is supposed to free her society from him. But we all know there is a love story in there. Can't wait to read this! 

Allegiant - The third and final book in the series. I am not going to lie I have heard that this one was a real let down so I have taken a little time out from the series. Thoughts? I am obviously still going to read it. 

The fault in our stars - The movie preview already makes me cry so I don't know why I am going to subject myself to the book but I have heard it is amazing. 

Just starting with these. I will add some new books in June. So excited! 

Weekend Update: Memorial Day Weekend { 30A - Blue Mountain Beach}

Cocktails on our first night watching the sunset at Bud and Alleys

Red Bar for our first dinner in town. 

The cutest gifts from the future Mrs. 

Every Southern bride loves some Garden and Gun

Cafe Thirty-A for our big dinner! One my favorites!

 Lunching at Bud and Alleys

I have to tell y'all that one of the best ways to ring in the summer is with some of your best girlfriends that you never get to see. We helped Miss. Fritter celebrate her Bachelorette over the weekend in Blue Mountain Beach, Florida.  My family has been staying around this area for beach vacations for over 30 years now and I love the family feel that it brings. The quaint shops and people on bicycles is exactly the charming beach vibe that I love.

Hope you enjoy the pictures from our trip! What did you do for Memorial Day weekend? It is seriously going to take me all week to recover. So sleepy!

Memorial Day

I want to say thank you to all the men and women who have served and are still serving our country today. Thank you for everything that you do!
Happy Memorial Day!

Friday Five

T.G.I.F. y'all! I am so excited it is Memorial Day weekend and I am spending it at the beach with some of my favorite ladies for one of my besties bachelorette weekend! Seriously can't contain the EXCITEMENT!

Memorial Day signifies the start of summer for me and I am looking forward to lazy weekends, beach days, good books, and time with loved ones! WOOHOO summer!

My first hydrangea from my yard of the summer + my favorite print. So excited about restocking my favorite Coco Mademoiselle while in Puerto Rico and my absolute favorite YSL Rouge Volupte Shine

Some new beach reading. My Garden and Gun came in the mail right in time. I heard this book is great. Has anyone read it?

Homemade chicken salad for the girlies this weekend. This recipe is by the Barefoot Contessa and it is seriously amazing. I will be posting next week.

Celebrating Fritter all weekend long!! 

This quote! 

Hope everyone has a safe and fantastic Memorial Day weekend! I am off to frolic on the beach with my friendlies! 

What would you tell yourself as a fresh graduate?

I always write down my favorite posts from my favorite bloggers in the hopes of gaining inspiration. I saw this fantastic post several months ago by one of my all time favorite bloggers and thought it would be a fun one to do around graduation time. I was also thinking it might be especially fun seeing as my 10 year high school reunion is in July. It is truly crazy how quickly time flies.

5 things I would tell my 18 year old self:

1.) Enjoy the ride.  Let me be honest by saying that you probably aren't that much closer to knowing exactly what you want to do with your life 10 years later but all the little bumps and bruises will lead you in the right direction. Enjoy your time at every station of your life. Don't wish the time away thinking about making it to your next checkpoint ( still guilty of this sometimes). Savor this time and all the freedom that comes with it. Your probably watching TRL with Carson Daly right now instant messaging your friends so you should go outside and do something fun! Take your CD player ;)

2.) Exercise. You will be very upset about the sophomore thirty. It is legit and it happens. It will take you a year to get that weight off. Be weary of the late night Dominos and Quick-Grill after Swap parties. Stay active. Keep playing tennis, exercising. Smoking cigarettes is a terrible decision and you will regret it. I know you hate them now. Do not even pick one up at a college party. You will look back and wish you hadn't. It is seriously a disgusting habit. Also, wear sunscreen on your face. Wrinkles are no fun. #TRUTH

3.) Be Yourself. Don't be the version of you that you think people want you to be. Be your weird self all the time. I promise that if people don't like it you do not want them as your friend anyways. Stay true to you.

4.) Savor your friendships. You are about to embark on some of the most amazing friendships of your life. Savor your girl time. The nights getting ready together, movie/TV watching, late night chatting and laughing on the porch. Doing seriously weird things together. You will truly cherish that time in your life. Hold it dear. When else will all your favorite people live in the same town?

5.) Everything does work out in the end. You are a planner always have been and lets face it always will be. Don't stress too much if everything doesn't go exactly the way you thought it would. Take the time for you and do the things that you want to do. God has an amazing plan and he will lead you down the right path. Have fun!

Study a little harder. Take a stand. Travel. Be honest even when it's hard. Become comfortable in your own skin ( even if you gain a little weight ;) But for real don't smoke cigarettes.

A collab of my favorites from the fabulous year 2004 when I graduated :)

Puerto Rico { Photo Diary}

Whew! What a whirlwind trip we had y'all! If you haven't been to Puerto Rico put it on your travel bucket list! Absolutely gorgeous! We have been looking forward to this trip for over a year since our friends told us they were having a fabulous destination wedding. Thank you Cochrane and Katie! It was fantastic! We decided to make it our big trip of the summer since it ended up falling right before our one year wedding anniversary ( can't believe it has almost been a year). 

We stayed at the La Concha a renaissance resort and it was fabulous! The rooms were gorgeous and the lobby came to life every night. It was one of the most popular places to be in Puerto Rico! Order one of their fabulous mojitos! We also had a celebrity sighting. Hayden Panettiere was staying there as well and we ran into her like 4 times. She is gorgeous and tiny in person. I tried not to be a super creepy fan. :) 

We toured Old San Juan and all the forts around that area. Henry loved that. We had some of my favorite sushi ever at Dragonfly which is one of the top places everyone told us to eat. Their drinks are incredible as well.  Must eat there. Also we went to a bar that has a hidden speakeasy La Factoria and the DJ was so fun. A very techno latin vibe. 

The only thing I was really bummed about is that we didn't get to do the luminescent bays tour which is really one of the top things to do while you are there, because it was booked up for the next two weeks.  I guess that just means we need to go back! ;) 

Add it to your travel list! Such a fun trip!