With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Happy Monday Friends! Our weekend started perfectly with lots of relaxation, a delivery from Zara, a crawfish boil on Saturday, then waffle house and mass on Sunday. The only little snag came Sunday afternoon when I accidentally deleted the past three years of photos off my computer.
 I literally drove to Best Buy sobbing ... this was super embarrassing. I sobbed to the nice man about my engagement/wedding photos ( these are on a disc but my candid's from everyone else are not).  I am still going to have to take my computer to a recovery specialist. If anyone has ever done this before or has suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Nightmare city.

My new Zara sandals came in the mail and I am so excited about them. They are the perfect summer strappy sandal. I also had time to clean my house and pick up some gorgeous fresh flowers.
Did a little work/ research on some fun blog posts coming up.

Ate so many crawfish I made myself a little sick. First crawfish boil of the season! Gotta go pick! Also, how gorgeous does the pot look before we dumped it! 

The biggest crawfish I have ever seen! 

Caught up with my favorite you-tubers and continued my new addiction to cereal. Honey nut cheerios are delicious! 

Also fueled my waffle house addiction on Sunday after Mass.  Their blueberry waffles are so delicious and seriously addicting.

I made the most amazing flourless brownies on Sunday night. Recipe coming on Wednesday. Y'all Henry even liked them and he is always super skeptical about my "healthy" recipes.



  1. I love those Zara heels they will go with everything.

    1. Just saw this comment! They are literally still my favorite shoes! Thank you for reading Liz! XO,G