With Style and a Little Grace: I want to be Khalessi ( Game of Thrones)

I want to be Khalessi ( Game of Thrones)

If you have been around my blog for a little while you know that I am a bit of a TV junkie. I love a good show but I love even more a good show that is made from a great book! I am usually avid about reading the books before the shows/movies. They are always far superior in my opinion and you know that things are going to generally be a lot different on the shows. I know some people hate this but I can appreciate both art forms. I like it all! For Game of Thrones, I had not read the books but was instantly hooked on the show. So now I am reading the books even though I am ahead with the show. My girlfriend Darcy told me the books were a must read and they definitely are so far. It is one of the series that actually stayed pretty true to the books.

Game of Thrones is so so good y'all! If you have not watched do it! I will not do any spoilers for you but this season has been amazing so far! And If you watch you know why I want to be the Khalessi! Honestly Tyrion is pretty great too! He is super entertaining!

Check out the books here

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  1. I love her. I've already decided I'm going to be her for Halloween. Now I just need some dragons...