With Style and a Little Grace: Confessional Friday { Link up }

Confessional Friday { Link up }

I love confessional Friday and now that we are back in blogging business lets get to it pretties! Linking up with the adorable Leslie at A Blonde Ambition

I confess:

1.) The past two weeks without my computer have been really really hard. I am obsessed with our new ipad but blogging from it is no Bueno friends. I realize that this makes me very dependent on technology but I love connecting on my little piece of the interweb.

2.) I confess the Easter candy consumption has been ridiculous. I can't stop myself. It is totally counteracting my working out.

3.) I confess that I cracked my iphone ( because I took the bulky otterbox off ) and my husband thinks it's a great lesson for me to use the cracked phone for a little while...... boooooo!

4.) I confess that I was sucked into True Tori this week and it is just sad y'all! I am super disturbed that she is filming this terrible breakdown of her relationship. They must really need some money.

5.) I confess that the upcoming summer has me wanting to buy lots of fun summer outfits.... MUST RESTRAIN

Happy weekend Loves! 


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