With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! This girl did some serious spring cleaning over ours! Two huge garbage bags of clothes, (shoes finally), and costume jewelry that has not been worn since the millenium. I usually pride myself on purging my closet every season but I found this year that I have kept several items that I keep claiming  I will "definitely" wear this season..... y'all know what happens with those things. So I finally hummed them into my donations pile and to a new more loving home they shall go.

Other than the cleaning it was a nice low-key weekend spent with the hubs.  I finally got my hair did on Friday. It rained and we relaxed and watched a couple of movies Saturday. Sunday we went to a gender-reveal party for friends and I had the most delicious extra large piece of cake. Spent the rest of Sunday catching up on Scandal, Girls, and Revenge. That my friends is a great weekend!

My sweet stylist showed me how to do beachy waves for the spring and summer. Hopefully I can recreate! :)

 Started doing some serious core exercies on Thursdays and I was seriously sore all weekend

 Picked up some necessities from Ulta. Super excited about trying the Rimmel London Scandal eyes and I have heard amazing things about this Not your mothers clean freak dry shampoo.

Rainy Sunday OOTD full outfit post coming this week! 

Also I finally got caught up on my tv and I must say out of all my shows that are seriously getting a little slow Scandal is still fantastic! 

I am also very excited about the big Pretty Little Liars episode finale happening tomorrow night! I seriously can't freaking wait! The show has been really slow recently but I am hoping this episode will turn that around! 

Happy Monday y'all!


  1. Would be interested to know what you think about that dry shampoo!! xoxo

    1. I am really liking it so far! I heard great reviews from some of my favorite you-tube beauty gurus so I thought I would try it out. It smells great! The only issue so far is that I can usually get away with washing my hair every two days but its drying my hair out on the second day. :)