With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend update + My Favorite Healthy Snacks

Weekend update + My Favorite Healthy Snacks

Happy Monday y'all! Our weekend was pretty uneventful and it was pure bliss. After a few crazy weeks it was so nice to play catch-up and enjoy some much needed down time. Sunday we went to mass and then to our favorite chinese restaurant and the weather was crazy gorgeous! Spring time is calling my name friends!

The most gorgeous blooms in my yard

I have recently been on the hunt for different yummy healthy snacks and lunches to spice things up a little bit. I can get stuck in a bit of a turkey sandwich every day rut and I really want to make sure my body is getting all the really good nutrients it needs. I thought I would share some of my recent favorites right now.  I did not take any pics of my own food this week so pinterest is going to help me but I will take some if y'all like this kind of post.

1.) Smashed avocado and tomato toast - My new favorite lunch EVER!

I have started taking two pieces of wheat bread and toasting them. 1/2 an avocado smashed up with lime, a little garlic salt, and one tomato sliced on top. Eat it and thank me later! 

2.) Vitatops - Blueberry and Chocolate 

 Pop these babies in the microwave and they are the tastiest 100 calorie snack for either breakfast or after dinner! They are packed with fiber too! 

3.) Clif bars in White Chocolate Macadamia nut 

I actually got these for my husband because he is wanting to lose a little weight and I am trying to get him to eat throughout the day. These are delicious! 

4.) Tuna salad 

Since I am Catholic I can't eat meat on Friday's during Lent so I have revisited my love of tuna salad sandwichs and let me tell y'all they are tasty! I just do the starkist tuna, a little mayo, and dill relish. It is also really good with pita chips. 

5.) Stacys pita chips in every flavor but I am loving parmesan garlic and herb

6.) Sabra roasted red pepper hummus

This is the perfect afternoon snack or to have with your lunch. 

These are all on high rotation at my house right now!


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