With Style and a Little Grace: Currently Craving : Flirty Fun summer tops

Currently Craving : Flirty Fun summer tops

Happy Humpday! After my spring cleaning over the weekend I realized I was seriously lacking some fun flirty tops. There are so many great options for Spring. Throw them together with a great necklace, white jeans or shorts, heels and you have a ready made outfit!

Some of my favorites that I really want to add to my closet!

Joie Divitri silk top

ASOS New Look California border shell top - This is going in my closet ASAP! 

On a PLL note, did anyone else feel like we are just getting strung along again on the finale last night? I read the books and I am not giving away any spoilers but do you think they are going to kind of tie the show in with the book? I know there are some similarities but it has been forever since I read the books.   Maybe I need to pick them up again. 


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