With Style and a Little Grace: Confessional Friday

Confessional Friday

Hi Friends, I am linking up for the confessional Friday again because I had so much fun doing it last time! So here it goes I must confess......

1.) I confess that I am on week two of my kick ass core training for bikini season and although I am sore in places I forgot I could be sore I am bound and determined to be in my best shape for my 28th year. But seriously I could barely wash my hair this morning it hurt

2.) I confess that I drug my 32 year old husband to the 1:10 showing of Divergent today and we might have been in the theatre with a bus load of tweens....... lots of cheering oohing and aahing happening. But the movie was good and he even liked it :)  I have a keeper my friends!

3.) I confess that I can't wait to rent Frozen this weekend and watch it! I might need to buy it too!

4.) I confess that I haven't shopped in two months and I am itching to pull the trigger on something..... anything. I walked into TJ Maxx today, picked things up.... forced myself to put them down..... then proceeded to the gym to get my butt kicked. Saving money and being responsible is hard yo!

5.) I confess that I watch You've Got Mail every single time it is on television.



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