With Style and a Little Grace: Confessional Friday!

Confessional Friday!

I am here to confess to y'all this Friday..... here it goes!

1.) I confess that I have not worked out in over 2 weeks...... Mardi Gras happened and it has taken me a week to make up my sleep schedule. Getting old sucks!

2.) I confess that the hubs and I gave up alcohol for Lent. We are really not big drinkers so this shouldn't be too hard. I do like a good glass of wine now and then though. I also gave up candy/sweets which honestly will be harder for me than the booze.  We are also planning on trying to make Mass every Sunday.

3.) I confess that I am jonesing to shop. I mean I think buying a lip balm at this point might give me my fix for a little while....I know how sad this is.

4.) I confess that I left a blanket in the washing machine out of pure laziness for three nights and have had to wash it three times now. Thats bad y'all.

5.)  I confess that this weekend I plan on doing absolutely nothing and after the past two weeks of going going going it is a welcome change.

6.) I confess that I am dying to see Divergent and I still have not started the new book because I am not supposed to be buying anything but groceries right now and because I have about 6 books on my bookshelf that I could read.

7.) I confess that I bought a pack of trident gum on Tuesday and ate my last piece around 5 at work today. Confessions of a gum addict.... does gum count as candy? Fine line people.

Happy Friday Frands!



  1. I am so delighted to meet you, Gracie :-)

  2. Hate when you NEED a shopping fix...sometimes I will browse some of my favorite online stores and put things in the cart then just never checkout ;)
    Shoppers Anonymous?