With Style and a Little Grace: March 2014

March Favorites

The azaleas came out in full bloom on Sunday and the smell of Spring was in the air. It was a very rainy start to our last weekend in March and an absolutely gorgeous end on Sunday, complete with a trip to my favorite chinese restaurant after church. March has been a fantastic month friends and I am so looking forward to the spring and summer months ahead.

Here are my March faves:

Beauty :

Kenra Transformation Spray -  I talked about this hairspray right when I bought it but don't feel like I did a proper review on the product. I have never used Kenra before but have heard fantastic things. It did not disappoint. Most hairsprays don't last on my hair but this gives great hold without being too thick. 

Not your mothers dry shampoo clean freak - This is my new absolute favorite dry shampoo. It sucks up the oil and gives a little volume. The only problem I have stated before is if you go for more than two days your hair might get a little dry. Also the price point is unbeatable especially if you use as much as I do. 

Milani baked blush in luminoso no. 5  - I heard about this from one of my favorite you tubers Ingrid (MissGlamourazzi)  it is the perfect summer peach with just a tiny hint of shimmer. It is also a great highlighter. I think it will look even better with a bit of a tan. 

Rimmel Scandaleyes voluminous mascara - This is my newest mascara and I have to say I am loving it. The brush is nice and thick so it goes on well to all of my lashes top and bottom. It plumps my lashes with no clumping. 

Maybelline color sensational in vivid rose - I can't say enough good things about all the lip colors in this collection. They go on so smoothly and the pigmentation looks like a much more expensive lipstick. All the colors pop and they are perfect for spring/summer. Go try this out!

TV : Scandal 

Did y'all watch the last episode? Holy Scandal. One bombshell after another. This show just keeps getting better. 

Movies : I have two one from the theater and one on DVD. 

Divergent - So good y'all! Totally lived up to the book.

Frozen - Do you wanna build a snowman????? Cutest animated movie I have seen in a long time. I did con Henry into watching it and it was a little too girly for him but oh so cute. I need to buy it ASAP! I loved all the music!!


Insurgent - Just started the second book in the trilogy over the weekend and I am already loving it. Seriously can't put it down. 

Fashion : All things denim and pink - I have been wearing my chambray shirts and denim jacket all month long plus a lot of pink as well.  I am so excited about my new denim shorts. I am slowly adding staples that I have needed in my closet.  Denim shorts are a summer necessity. 

Food:  Cinnamon Toast Crunch - I forgot how delicious this stuff is! 

Also I am slightly addicted to hard boiled eggs in the morning. My new workouts are making me a lot more hungry because I am finally building some muscles so I have to eat throughout the day. 


You might have guessed I am kind of obsessed with Frozen. 

Heres to another month!


Saturday Style ( Denim shorts)

Hi Friends, this is a safe space right...... I broke my shopping hiatus. I blame Target and all their well placed branding. That place will get you people. So anyways, it was a good try y'all and I have saved some money so I will let this be my little slip :).

Target is having a great sale on shorts, shoes, etc. Buy one get one 50% off. I needed some cute jean shorts for all my upcoming summer trips so I got two pairs for $19. You really can't beat that....  I am totally justifying this purchase. Just appease me.

You should go and spend some money too because they have totally cute totally unecessary items at Target.... beware of Easter candy, the candle section, and all things home decor and fashion.

I'm rambling

Purpose of this post is these cute shorts.

I got this cute pair that totally reminds me of the Rag and Bone version that I was craving but was really outside my price range.

These are going to be so cute over my bathing suit in Puerto Rico.

Moral of this post: Denim shorts were just totally necessary for me to have a fantastic summer. :) I can justify any purchase.


Fresh Florals

Happy Thursday Pretties! It is almost time for another weekend! I am going on my third week of strength training and I am seriously beyond sore. It better pay off for bikini season. Hope this fresh spring top will bring back the warm weather we were having. It is a little chilly today! 

Outfit Details:

Top - Forever 21 Love (last season) loving this
Jeans - Free People similar here
Clutch - Forever 21 (OLD) loving this
Cat eye Sunglasses - Forever 21 here
Necklaces - Dillards and H&M layered (OLD) 

Daily Favorites

You know those items you use everyday that you couldn't live without, but sometimes they fly under the radar and don't get the credit they deserve. Those items you need to make it through the week but just forget to mention. These are my absolute can't live without favorites!

1.) Spa Wrap towel - I use my towel wrap everyday when  I get ready. I really need to replace mine because I have had it for 7+ years and it is starting to look very worn.  Loving this one from Glitzy Glam to be it's replacement.

2.) Camelbak Eddy - My favorite water bottle I have ever owned. I have owned several nalgene bottles and the top of the camelbak is so much more user friendly! I love it!! 

3.)  Gucci Guilty - My everyday perfume. I love this scent but I am ready for something a little more spring/summerish

4.) Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer - My favorite daily moisturizer. You really can't go wrong with Aveeno!

5.)  Patagonia Re-Tool Fleece Vest - I got this vest for Christmas and have literally lived in it all winter long. I wear it to work every single day ( I work in scrubs so it is perfect to wear over them ) .  Totally worth the investment.


Sittin on the dock of the bay

My in-laws house on Fowl River is one of my favorite places to spend weekends during the Spring/Summer. Swimming, boating, reading my favorite books on the dock sipping a cold cocktail. I am looking forward to every single one of those things. I bought this dress last Spring for one of our first engagement parties and it has been one of my favorites ever since. The perfect bright party dress to get the season started.

Outfit Details:

Dress- Rhyme Los Angeles via Piperlime ( last season) loving this fun print

Shoes - Francescas (OLD) similar here

Necklace - Forever 21 (OLD) check out this one

Nail polish -Revlon Parfumerie scented polish in English Tea Rose ( The perfect pink)

Weekend Update

Y'all know those weekends where Sunday night around 9pm you go..... "Where did my weekend go"? This was one of those. Completely filled to the brim but in the best way possible. I won't lie, I do like a little time on my weekends for some serious couch time but this one was filled with friends and family. You know Spring is coming when the weekends get busier and busier! Party season.

Friday my super sweet husband took my to see Divergent and y'all it was so good. Obviously the book is much more detailed and I highly recommend reading it. I finally started Insurgent this weekend. If you like Dystopian books you will love this series. 

Fridays and Sundays are alternating pizza nights at our house. We went with a veggie pizza since we can't eat meat on Fridays during Lent and it was really not very tasty. Pizza Hut I was disappointed and I usually always love their pizza. 

Saturday was crazy. I was up at 5:30 in the morning because my office had a booth at the Azalea Trail run. It is such a fun 5K and 10K we have in Mobile every Spring. There was an amazing turn out. I want to run it next year. After the run I came home, got ready, and we headed out to our friends house for a little Saturday shrimp boil. It was the most gorgeous day! My pale legs came out to play in the sun and they were so happy. We topped off the afternoon with a stop at Cold snap for some fro-yo! 

A few weekend purchases:

A new Nike Pro sportsbra from my husband. I have been talking about how desperately I needed/wanted a new one and since I have been working out so hard he got me one. He is such a keeper. Loving the bright neon color.

I have heard mixed/rave reviews about the Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber lashes so when a friend gave me the full size version to try out I was thrilled. I haven't tried it yet but I will let you know when I do. 

The Milani baked blush in Luminoso is the most gorgeous peach blush color perfect for Spring. Just the right amount of shimmer. I love it. 

Another Wal-Mart purchase this Natures Harvest blend is so delicious. It is a mix of cranberries, oatmeal, pistachios, and almonds. This is the perfect healthy fix for my sweet cravings. Apparently this is the digestive blend and they have several other options as well. 

I finally picked up Insurgent and just started it last night. I am hooked! 

Have a great week guys!!

Sunday Pinspiration

Sundays are all about recharging your batteries and getting ready for the coming week. Here are some pins that are really inspiring me this Sunday! Something about this lovely Spring weather makes me ready to get stuff done! I hope y'all are having a fabulous relaxing lazy Sunday!

Thank you for reading! 

Confessional Friday

Hi Friends, I am linking up for the confessional Friday again because I had so much fun doing it last time! So here it goes I must confess......

1.) I confess that I am on week two of my kick ass core training for bikini season and although I am sore in places I forgot I could be sore I am bound and determined to be in my best shape for my 28th year. But seriously I could barely wash my hair this morning it hurt

2.) I confess that I drug my 32 year old husband to the 1:10 showing of Divergent today and we might have been in the theatre with a bus load of tweens....... lots of cheering oohing and aahing happening. But the movie was good and he even liked it :)  I have a keeper my friends!

3.) I confess that I can't wait to rent Frozen this weekend and watch it! I might need to buy it too!

4.) I confess that I haven't shopped in two months and I am itching to pull the trigger on something..... anything. I walked into TJ Maxx today, picked things up.... forced myself to put them down..... then proceeded to the gym to get my butt kicked. Saving money and being responsible is hard yo!

5.) I confess that I watch You've Got Mail every single time it is on television.



Spring To-Do list

It is the second day of Spring and it is Friday hot dog y'all! Something in the air has me in the best mood. It could be that the first song I heard on the radio when I left work yesterday was this beauty

Um yes please! I might have tweeted and snapchatted how amazing it was. 70s on 7 you rock. The Hubs and I both had amazing days and ended it with tasty breakfast for dinner. We are ready for a fantastic weekend.

Spring is really a beautiful time of year and it makes me so appreciative to be alive, healthy, and happy to see the flowers bloom! On that note, I have put together my to-do list of all the things I would love to do this Spring! 

Spring To-Do List

Give my blog a new look

Spring clean out my closet and donate everything I do not wear

Play outside with Hank and Charlie 

Plant our garden 

Take a weekend trip with Henry to New Orleans

Read the books on my book list

Organize my photos and print wedding photos

Learn to french braid

Buy fresh flowers

Play tennis

Take a yoga class and keep up toning classes

Start writing again 

A little link love for your Friday:

How to get Carrie Underwood's amazing legs here because seriously guys they are amazing! 

If your not watching Chrisley knows best you are seriously missing out. My husband is even sucked into this one and it is trashy tv at its finest. Comic GOLD y'all! 

We are also really into Southern Charm right now ( Thomas RAVENNAL y'all) if you watch you know how he says it. HILARIOUS

Loving this definitive ranking of all olsen twin movies ( I still love Holiday in the Sun)

Happy Weekend my Friends! I am off to enjoy this glorious weather!!



You just can't go wrong with stripes my friends. I can't seem to resist adding them to my wardrobe and this J.Crew cable knit was a steal last season. The perfect sweater to wear into spring for chilly nights on the boat. I am so ready for my first boat ride of the season. 

Outfit Details:

Sweater - J Crew (last season) loving this jeweled sweatshirt
Leggings - J Crew pixie pants here
Headband - J Crew love the Tortoise double headband

Currently Craving : Flirty Fun summer tops

Happy Humpday! After my spring cleaning over the weekend I realized I was seriously lacking some fun flirty tops. There are so many great options for Spring. Throw them together with a great necklace, white jeans or shorts, heels and you have a ready made outfit!

Some of my favorites that I really want to add to my closet!

Joie Divitri silk top

ASOS New Look California border shell top - This is going in my closet ASAP! 

On a PLL note, did anyone else feel like we are just getting strung along again on the finale last night? I read the books and I am not giving away any spoilers but do you think they are going to kind of tie the show in with the book? I know there are some similarities but it has been forever since I read the books.   Maybe I need to pick them up again.