With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Update

Weekend Update

The work week is upon us my friends but this week will end in hearts and kisses x's and o's. Oh yeah!! Love is in the aiiiirrrr! hehe!

Our weekend was fun and pretty laid back. Every great weekend in my opinion starts with a trip to Ulta. I am still on my no spending hiatus, but I sold my older kindle so I figured I could buy the curling iron I so desperately need ( this is how I rationalize it in my head).  I was a little tempted by the Deborah Lippman display. I love all her polishes but I haven't pulled the trigger because they are seriously a bit pricey for nail polish. Do y'all have any? Is it worth the price? I feel like it might be for one of the glittery polishes.

After doing tons of research I decided on the Hot Tools gold curling iron 1 1/4 barrel.  It is award winning and most stylist prefer it plus all my favorite beauty gurus love it. After using this Friday night I have to say it is a game changer. From a girl that has strictly only been able to use hot rollers and a straightener this has changed my life.  I can finally curl my hair. It gets super hot and the handle swivels to help you curl! I am seriously OBSESSED! 

Sunday morning and Saturday we did a lot of lounging around it was lovely!
Sunday we went to my float barn to see the floats for my Mardi Gras organization and then we had an early dinner at T.P Crockmeyers with friends. The food was delicious as usual and I totally forget to get any pictures. We splurged and had an ice cream sundae :)

Of course I had to snap a pic in front of the Harry Potter float... loved it! 

Ok one more with Hedwig! 

Another favorite Breakfast at Tiffanys

And the Hunger Games! They have a huge Katniss on this one so cute! 

Happy Monday y'all!

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