With Style and a Little Grace: Valentines Day Gift Guide 2014

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2014

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2014

It's almost time for Valentines Day and what better way to celebrate than with a fabulous little splurge from your hunny or from yourself. I think I love Valentine's because I can stuff my face with chocolate hearts, eat ungodly amounts of candy ( I have a slight addiction to candy hearts) , and the colors are pink and more pink.. what more could you ask for? I am not too hard to please on Valentines Day. I like a thoughtful card, some type of chocolate (preferably a double layer large heart nom nom), and just some QT with my hubs. Although, I do like a good little happy to unwrap. Any of the above is fantastic! Did y'all get "happies" growing up? Just little gifts. We did those a lot in my family and my husband thought I was crazy when we first started dating and I would just randomly give him "happies". I am a gift giver, it's my love language ( If you havent read The 5 love languages you should). Ok enough rambling!

Happy Humpday!


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