With Style and a Little Grace: Confessional Friday

Confessional Friday

Happy Friday party people! I am linking up with A Blonde Ambition today for a fun confessional friday! Here are my confessions :)

1. I confess that I ate Valentines day candy every day this week. I ate all of mine and almost all of my husbands as well.... can't have chocolate in this house.

2. I confess that I might be an instagram addict. The amount that I check it is a little bit out of control. 

3. I confess that sometimes I save my pretty little liars episodes for Friday nights because it's my favorite show right now.... jumping Friday nights around here :)

4. I confess that I also love to catch up on my you-tube videos over my weekends as well.... there is something so relaxing about it. 

5. I confess that I have the worst roots right now. I am in such desperate need for a haircut it is awful. I want to donate my hair so I know that when I do the cut it is going to be a big one.... hard to bite the bullet. 

6.  I confess that my shopping hiatus is getting really hard and I might be addicted to shopping. It makes me so happy.... out of control.

Happy Weekending!


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