With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Update

Weekend Update

How is it already the last week of January people? I just don't know! Have y'all been keeping up your resolutions? I must say I am pretty proud of myself. I started a new cardio/strength routine that has left me seriously sore, got the hubby on the healthy eating, doing more outfit posts. Just trucking on my friends. I hope I can keep the momentum. We had a fun weekend, my mom was in town and I was so glad to see her, did my shift for a rummage we are doing with the Junior League on Saturday, then on Sunday Henry and I went to see Lone Survivor. It was pretty intense y'all. Henry read the book and said it was a lot better than the movie ( which I typically think they always are)but it was good.

I told y'all Friday that my mom and I finally got to do Christmas together and I was so excited to get Lauren Conrad Style. I have wanted to add it to my collection for awhile and might need to add Beauty while I'm at it. Love her!

Friday night it was so cold and we whipped up a batch of my moms chicken taco soup. A little fresh avocado on top and it was beyond. Better believe I froze a ton. Recipe coming on Wednesday.

If you follow me on instagram GracieBJohnston then you already saw my new favorite tray that I found Saturday during my Junior League rummage shift. It can actually be a table and I think when we move I will make it our bar area. It is such a great find! New J.Crew style guide is pretty great too.

 A little preview of some outfit posts coming this week

 The vat of popcorn I consumed at our movie on Sunday. So delicious

I whipped up a batch of energy balls on Sunday night that Natalie talked about in this blog post last week. They are delicious but I had a little trouble getting them to stick together. Hoping that Henry will like them because since he is trying to eat healthy I am having a hard time finding good snack options for him. Suggestions?

I tried out my Boscia mask and I have to say my skin felt AMAZING after I took it off. But let me say that peeling this thing off was MISERABLE. It peeled easily but it really hurt. So beauty is pain my friends. 

Painted my nails with OPIs ski teal we drop . I love this color

 Pizza and the Grammy's was a fantastic end to my weekend! It was a splurge day!

My best all around at the Grammys goes out to Taylor Swift! I think she is killing it recently with her fashion and her performance (minus a few head bangs) was great! I mean she looks AMAZING! 

So that was the longest weekend update ever y'all!

Happy Monday!


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