With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Here we are at Monday again! I had such a wonderful weekend. I was a hostess at my girlfriends baby shower on Saturday and we had such an amazing time! Sunday was spent finally getting well and really getting everything in order around my house for the new year. I finished the fruit cleanse and I have to say that it really wasn't bad at all. I lost around 5-6 lbs. which I am sure was mostly water weight. I felt really good afterwards. I would definitely recommend and I would do it again.

Me and Mel - only four weeks until the twins are here!! :)
adorable onesie garland

All the ladies

The most adorable cupcakes from Pollmans

Finally painted my nails one of my favorite Essie colors Smokin hot

I purchased a new 2014 planner from the sugar paper collaboration with target and I love it. I loved all of the different planners they had but I decided on the large version below.

Thats all I got!
Happy Monday! 


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