With Style and a Little Grace: The dreaded word BUDGET

The dreaded word BUDGET

Happy Sunday y'all! I am finally feeling like a fully functioning human today and have cleaned the house and made my new 2014 budget. I knew that I wanted to write something out because I am not good at sticking with a budget at all. How do y'all budget? Here is what I am starting out doing.

 Not buying anything but necessities until March.
 No new clothes, books etc. All that money needs to be saved. 
Dedicating an allowed amount of money for groceries each week
Dedicating an allowed amount of money for fun as well
Taking my credit cards out of my wallet and paying them off versus using them
Writing out my bills
Writing out everything I spend
This is not exactly a budget guide but I own it and it's super cute. 

If I am being honest this is really really hard for me. If I go to CVS or Target I come out with a lipgloss, magazine, bodywash etc. I have to stop. I just love to shop.... I admit it... it gives me a rush! So I have to use what I have and enjoy the many amazing things I own. Plus I need to realize I am saving for the bigger better items that I want to add to my closet/home/life and the little things really add up when you think about it. So it's a work in progress y'all but you got to start somewhere!


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