With Style and a Little Grace: Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair

My hair is getting extra long y'all. My original plan was to chop it and donate to locks of love at the beginning of the new year. I have wanted to do this for awhile and my hair is finally at the point that I can. The problem is that I am actually really loving the length... it has never ever been this long before. So I am thinking I will keep it for a little bit longer and see how long and healthy I can get it..... to the point that it is still cute.... I don't need  down to my butt hair guys. Then at some point  I will make the CHOP. 

Some research I have done has me wanting to add some new things to my routine for extra healthy hair.

First I am going to add coconut oil ( rub into your scalp to simulate hairgrowth) .. you have been living under a rock if you haven't heard how great coconut oil is for you in all aspects of your life. Check out this post for 101 uses of coconut oil.  I also read a post that castor oil helps with this as well. I am thinking about putting it into my brows too because I need thicker brows. I could do a whole post on coconut oil. One of my gfs and I were actually talking about it the other day!

Tell me y'all remember mane n tail shampoo? This was all the rage growing up. I am going to start using this once every few days.

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Obviously what you eat is a factor in your skin, hair, how your feeling etc. I am really trying to put all natural, organic things into my body. Henry and I are really on a new healthy eating and fitness kick this new year! Do y'all have any amazing tips for healthy thick hair?

Happy Hump day!

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