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Currently Craving

It is a frozen tundra here in Mobile guys. I mean we are frozen into the house...LEGIT! Brrr, As per usual since I am on a shopping hiatus my credit card hand is itching to shop! So I present all the things I wish were in my closet this week.
Alexander Wang 'Rocco'  I love this bag!  I think it is the perfect everyday bag. I am obsessed with the studs on the bottom.

This top from Zara might be the first thing I buy when my shopping hiatus is over. How freaking adorable is it?
That top and bag actually might be really cute with these Ark and Co snake pants. They are like sheek pjs.
Ok so I have officially made an outfit. These zara sandals are somewhat close to the ones from last season that everyone had and I so regretted not buying. Seriously contemplating them as well!
ASOS swing dress - Get on me I would wear this everyday! 
Be honest is 28 too old to want to purchase this adorable jacket from the Pretty Little Liars collection at Aeropostale?? Ok so I obviously know the answer to this.... 1. I have never shopped Aeropostale but the jacket is totally cute right ? 2. This is obviously geared towards teens..... clearly I am past that demographic..... Whatever it's cute! Plus you get a free tee which would be cute to sleep in. Don't judge me. 

Happy Humpday!


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