With Style and a Little Grace: Brand I am loving : Warby Parker

Brand I am loving : Warby Parker

Happy Friday y'all! Several of my favorite bloggers have posted about Warby Parker before and I thought I would share a bit about their fabulous new Palm Canyon and Spring 2014 lines.  My favorite thing about Warby Parker is that with every pair someone buys, a pair is donated to someone in need. How amazing is that? Also, they are super cute and stylish! It doesn't get much better than that! Oh wait you can because the $95 price tag is not bad at all!
Check out the entire Spring 2014 collection here and The Palm Canyon collection here

I am OBSESSED with the Quimby in aurora 

and in absinthe! 

Reilly - I need these in my life! 

The eyeglasses are so cute too! 

Walker in canton blue ! I love these

And in tortoise!

The Wheeler windswept from the Palm Canyon collection are fantastic!!


The Palm Canyon collection is limited edition so get them now! So cute! 

They are definitely worth checking out! There are so many pairs on my wishlist!

Happy weekending!!

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