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Currently loving

Happy Friday my loves! My mama is in town and I could not be more thrilled to spend some time with her. It is sleeting here in Mobile and so cold! I mean the coldest it has been all year! I know that it does not compare at all to everywhere else but brrr. We are hunkering down with some hot soup, wine,  a fire, and The Great Gatsby! I can't wait. Have y'all seen it? The hubs is enjoying the last weekend of hunting season. Hope you have a great weekend!!
I have been working on our bedding slowly but surely but I am loving our painting above the bed which was a wedding gift. I want to add some of the PB monogram bedding slowly but surely but we are getting there. We also want to paint our bedroom. It is a light blue right now :(

Got around to hanging this fabulous tile which was another wedding gift with our wedding invitation printed on it. Such a great creative gift and one of the most special things I received. 

We finally got a subscription to Garden and Gun this year and I am not going to lie I am kind of obsessed with the cover of this February issue. It is residing on my coffee table with my favorite Alabama candle

As I told you my mom is in town and we are finally getting to do our Christmas together. She got me this fabulous boscia mask that so many people have talked about and I have wanted forever. You better believe this is getting on my face tonight! We were kind of amazed how tiny the actual bottle is for $34 dollars........kinda crazy... I will do a review after I use. Hopefully it lives up to the hype!

Happy weekending friends! 

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