With Style and a Little Grace: 3 day fruit cleanse

3 day fruit cleanse

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I am so tired of being sick people. It feels like I have been forever... I look like poo, my nose is so red and runny and it aches, it is not pleasant. After two shots at the ENT yesterday and an antibiotic hopefully I am on the up and up from this miserable sinus infection. This may not have been the best time to start a cleanse or it could be a great time. 
 I decided to start the fruit cleanse today. I have heard that it is a great one to really clean out your system and I knew I wanted to do that to start the year off right. I am changing it a little bit because I am just doing the fruit and protein for dinner and not having the protein shake during the day. Below is exactly what I will be doing. I can't say good or bad about this right now, but I will let you know after I complete it.

During the day from 8-4 I am having a serving of fruit every 2 hours. Here is the sheet that I am using to gauge how much is in each serving. 
Then at 6 you have dinner. For dinner you can have 4-6 ounces of protein ( I am doing chicken seasoned with salt and pepper) , 2-3 cups salad ( I do spinach greens mix), 1/2 avocado, and lemon juice to season.
You do this for three days. No booze. No caffeine. Only water and you have to make sure to drink 12-18 oz.
Here's my loot!

So far so good! Wish me luck!

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