With Style and a Little Grace: January 2014

Brand I am loving : Warby Parker

Happy Friday y'all! Several of my favorite bloggers have posted about Warby Parker before and I thought I would share a bit about their fabulous new Palm Canyon and Spring 2014 lines.  My favorite thing about Warby Parker is that with every pair someone buys, a pair is donated to someone in need. How amazing is that? Also, they are super cute and stylish! It doesn't get much better than that! Oh wait you can because the $95 price tag is not bad at all!
Check out the entire Spring 2014 collection here and The Palm Canyon collection here

I am OBSESSED with the Quimby in aurora 

and in absinthe! 

Reilly - I need these in my life! 

The eyeglasses are so cute too! 

Walker in canton blue ! I love these

And in tortoise!

The Wheeler windswept from the Palm Canyon collection are fantastic!!


The Palm Canyon collection is limited edition so get them now! So cute! 

They are definitely worth checking out! There are so many pairs on my wishlist!

Happy weekending!!

The fine print


A fun pair of print pants are always great to have in your closet. I think they can spice up any outfit for a day at work or a dinner date. I was pretty pumped when I found this cute pair on sale several months back.
Outfit Details
Chambray top: Forever 21 similar here
pants: The Limited loving the red
belt old similar here
clutch: Forever 21 old loving this one
shoes BCBG old loving these  here

It's almost the weekend!!

Currently Craving

It is a frozen tundra here in Mobile guys. I mean we are frozen into the house...LEGIT! Brrr, As per usual since I am on a shopping hiatus my credit card hand is itching to shop! So I present all the things I wish were in my closet this week.
Alexander Wang 'Rocco'  I love this bag!  I think it is the perfect everyday bag. I am obsessed with the studs on the bottom.

This top from Zara might be the first thing I buy when my shopping hiatus is over. How freaking adorable is it?
That top and bag actually might be really cute with these Ark and Co snake pants. They are like sheek pjs.
Ok so I have officially made an outfit. These zara sandals are somewhat close to the ones from last season that everyone had and I so regretted not buying. Seriously contemplating them as well!
ASOS swing dress - Get on me I would wear this everyday! 
Be honest is 28 too old to want to purchase this adorable jacket from the Pretty Little Liars collection at Aeropostale?? Ok so I obviously know the answer to this.... 1. I have never shopped Aeropostale but the jacket is totally cute right ? 2. This is obviously geared towards teens..... clearly I am past that demographic..... Whatever it's cute! Plus you get a free tee which would be cute to sleep in. Don't judge me. 

Happy Humpday!


Shades of grey

A large winter storm is rolling into Mobile today and we are expected to get freezing rain and maybe even snow. By the end of today there will be no milk or bread at the grocery store. Folks go crazy when the storms come y'all! Hunker down... what a crazy winter it has been!

Outfit Details
Fur scarf - Nordstrom teen similar here
Sweater - random steal at Walmart before Christmas loving this one 
Jeans- Paige similar here
Sunglasses - Rayban aviators
Booties - Old Navy loving these
bag - Old Navy  loving the snakeskin version and the tan
Lipstick - Maybelline Color sensational 875 vivid rose ( loving this color right now) 

Snow day! 


Weekend Update

How is it already the last week of January people? I just don't know! Have y'all been keeping up your resolutions? I must say I am pretty proud of myself. I started a new cardio/strength routine that has left me seriously sore, got the hubby on the healthy eating, doing more outfit posts. Just trucking on my friends. I hope I can keep the momentum. We had a fun weekend, my mom was in town and I was so glad to see her, did my shift for a rummage we are doing with the Junior League on Saturday, then on Sunday Henry and I went to see Lone Survivor. It was pretty intense y'all. Henry read the book and said it was a lot better than the movie ( which I typically think they always are)but it was good.

I told y'all Friday that my mom and I finally got to do Christmas together and I was so excited to get Lauren Conrad Style. I have wanted to add it to my collection for awhile and might need to add Beauty while I'm at it. Love her!

Friday night it was so cold and we whipped up a batch of my moms chicken taco soup. A little fresh avocado on top and it was beyond. Better believe I froze a ton. Recipe coming on Wednesday.

If you follow me on instagram GracieBJohnston then you already saw my new favorite tray that I found Saturday during my Junior League rummage shift. It can actually be a table and I think when we move I will make it our bar area. It is such a great find! New J.Crew style guide is pretty great too.

 A little preview of some outfit posts coming this week

 The vat of popcorn I consumed at our movie on Sunday. So delicious

I whipped up a batch of energy balls on Sunday night that Natalie talked about in this blog post last week. They are delicious but I had a little trouble getting them to stick together. Hoping that Henry will like them because since he is trying to eat healthy I am having a hard time finding good snack options for him. Suggestions?

I tried out my Boscia mask and I have to say my skin felt AMAZING after I took it off. But let me say that peeling this thing off was MISERABLE. It peeled easily but it really hurt. So beauty is pain my friends. 

Painted my nails with OPIs ski teal we drop . I love this color

 Pizza and the Grammy's was a fantastic end to my weekend! It was a splurge day!

My best all around at the Grammys goes out to Taylor Swift! I think she is killing it recently with her fashion and her performance (minus a few head bangs) was great! I mean she looks AMAZING! 

So that was the longest weekend update ever y'all!

Happy Monday!


Currently loving

Happy Friday my loves! My mama is in town and I could not be more thrilled to spend some time with her. It is sleeting here in Mobile and so cold! I mean the coldest it has been all year! I know that it does not compare at all to everywhere else but brrr. We are hunkering down with some hot soup, wine,  a fire, and The Great Gatsby! I can't wait. Have y'all seen it? The hubs is enjoying the last weekend of hunting season. Hope you have a great weekend!!
I have been working on our bedding slowly but surely but I am loving our painting above the bed which was a wedding gift. I want to add some of the PB monogram bedding slowly but surely but we are getting there. We also want to paint our bedroom. It is a light blue right now :(

Got around to hanging this fabulous tile which was another wedding gift with our wedding invitation printed on it. Such a great creative gift and one of the most special things I received. 

We finally got a subscription to Garden and Gun this year and I am not going to lie I am kind of obsessed with the cover of this February issue. It is residing on my coffee table with my favorite Alabama candle

As I told you my mom is in town and we are finally getting to do our Christmas together. She got me this fabulous boscia mask that so many people have talked about and I have wanted forever. You better believe this is getting on my face tonight! We were kind of amazed how tiny the actual bottle is for $34 dollars........kinda crazy... I will do a review after I use. Hopefully it lives up to the hype!

Happy weekending friends! 

Thursday Ramblings

It's almost the weekend my friends! My mom is coming into town tomorrow and I am so excited about spending some time with her. We didn't get to see each other over Christmas so it has been a little while! I am thinking about doing some more outfit posts for next week as well. Some ramblings for your Thursday

I received this new EOS lip balm as a gift for being a hostess over the weekend. I have had several EOS lip balms before but this summer fruit flavor is by far my favorite. It is so so delicious!

I really really want to buy my next book in the Divergent series, Insurgent but it is not a necessity and I am on a spending diet so we all know I have to wait until February ends to make that purchase. 

Have y'all read the Vampire Academy series? It is so good and if you haven't read I would totally recommend for a fun easy read! I am so pumped for the movie that is coming out this Valentines Day! Obsessed, watch the trailer below! 


Are y'all watching Vanderpump rules? This is my most favorite guilty addiction right now. I might have also started #richkidsofbeverlyhills and I have to say that I am most definitely losing brain cells watching it! 

I find Stassi so entertaining! 

Loving this quote right now!

Healthy Hair

My hair is getting extra long y'all. My original plan was to chop it and donate to locks of love at the beginning of the new year. I have wanted to do this for awhile and my hair is finally at the point that I can. The problem is that I am actually really loving the length... it has never ever been this long before. So I am thinking I will keep it for a little bit longer and see how long and healthy I can get it..... to the point that it is still cute.... I don't need  down to my butt hair guys. Then at some point  I will make the CHOP. 

Some research I have done has me wanting to add some new things to my routine for extra healthy hair.

First I am going to add coconut oil ( rub into your scalp to simulate hairgrowth) .. you have been living under a rock if you haven't heard how great coconut oil is for you in all aspects of your life. Check out this post for 101 uses of coconut oil.  I also read a post that castor oil helps with this as well. I am thinking about putting it into my brows too because I need thicker brows. I could do a whole post on coconut oil. One of my gfs and I were actually talking about it the other day!

Tell me y'all remember mane n tail shampoo? This was all the rage growing up. I am going to start using this once every few days.

 all images via pinterest
Obviously what you eat is a factor in your skin, hair, how your feeling etc. I am really trying to put all natural, organic things into my body. Henry and I are really on a new healthy eating and fitness kick this new year! Do y'all have any amazing tips for healthy thick hair?

Happy Hump day!