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IN and OUT

Happy Hump day guys! This is my Friday and I am so looking forward to our trip to Virginia with my fam. I am doing my IN and OUT post because I think they are fun and I hope y'all enjoy them too.


All Christmas movies... ABC family, Lifetime, Hallmark, every channel all the time. Henry walked in on me sobbing after I watched the new hallmark movie Christmas in Conway ( the husband builds his dying wife a ferris wife.... tear jerker) BTW since when did Mandy Moore start making Hallmark movies. If you want check out the trailer here it's def not oscar worthy but they suck you in!

WASSAIL... The greatest Holiday drink ever invented. I went to my junior league Christmas party last night and literally had 6 glasses. My mother always made it on Christmas growing up and it really makes it feel like the Holiday season. Thinking about trying out this recipe.

My Zara pants: All I wear are black legging pants all the time. They are my favorite and the most comfortable pants that I own. Go buy similar ones here

Vita Coco Coconut water with pineapple- My new favorite mid-day drink. I don't like the original coconut flavor but this one is delicious and so good for you. Really curbs my mid-day cravings!

Headbands- All headbands I love them!

Celestial seasonings: Sugar cookie sleigh ride- Tastes just like a delicious sugar cookie. My new favorite night time drink.


Maybelline Clean express eye makeup remover- Terrible DO NOT BUY. It is a strange gel consistency and makes my skin feel very dry when I take it off. I would not recommend or buy again. Does not take my makeup off.

Thanksgiving being so late in the year- It is throwing off all my Holiday decorating/planning. I have been running around trying to get everything finished to start our first Christmas exchange this weekend and come home to a fully decorated house so that we can enjoy the holidays when we get home. It is so much prep people ya heard?

Pumpkin pie products- I have burnt myself off of pumpkin until next year which usually happens around this time and have moved on to total Christmas scents.

Cyber monday packages being late- Not cool to be on pins and needles waiting for a package you need to take on a trip when you ordered it a week and a half ago!

Dental appointments- My poor husband has been to the dentist at least 5 times this month dealing with a root canal. Sending prayers that he will get better soon!!

My final Christmas decor up tomorrow I promise

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  1. I have never had wassail before. I am buying the ingredients his weekend!! I hope Henry is better.