With Style and a Little Grace: A look at our Thanksgiving + our trip to Arkansas

A look at our Thanksgiving + our trip to Arkansas

We are back y'all - after one of the most fun/busy Holiday weekends ever! We started out our Turkey day at my in-laws house with a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Then we hit the road to meet some of my family for a duck-hunting trip in Arkansas. We had such a great time just relaxing and catching up while the boys hunted. We even took in a fair and made the annual trip to Macks Prairie wings to do a little Christmas shopping. It was such a great Thanksgiving!

We loaded up on our carbs Thanksgiving eve.... seriously back to the gym this week haha!

I made my favorite chocolate covered pretzels and my first try at cheesestraws for the trip. They were delicious.

Annual Thanksgiving day pic! I am loving patterned tights right now!

 Macks prairie wings! People were literally blowing duck calls the whole time we were in there.

 This was probably the best corn dog I have ever eaten from the fair! We also had a fried snickers...OHMYGAH

The Hunters 

 The whole crew! Such a great trip and so wonderful to see all my cousins, and aunt and uncle and spend time with everyone!

It's December 1st y'all I am so excited about Christmas! This is seriously my favorite month!!!

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