With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Hi everyone! I have been gone a little longer than usual because honestly this 28 year old can't hang anymore and it took me two whole days to catch up from my weekend..... I know getting older sucks! I went to my hometown to do our wedding exchange, see my family and friends, and go to a great friends wedding. I basically ran around like a chicken with my head cut off! It was such a fun weekend but don't you feel like you always pay for those?

Anyways hope your having a great week! Here is what's been happening around here!

Lunch at Panera with my sweet husband and tasty treats!

 Getting in the Christmas spirit with the Junior League

Getting my favorite barbeque while in my hometown for the weekend! So delicious!! I also had a great manicure and got to spend some QT with my cousin Jenny! She was patient enough to sit through my entire 4 hour gift exchange!

Seeing one of my Besties fabulous items out in the cutest boutique in Huntsville while shopping! So proud of her! For more of her fabulousness click here. Her stuff is gorgeous!

Seriously regretting not buying this dress because it was the perfect gameday ensemble! I did get the one behind it though!

Getting to see these two always makes for an amazing trip! 

Since the Husbands/boyfriends couldn't come we went with our moms and had an amazing time at the sweetest and most gorgeous wedding!

Got to see my dad and his girlfriend Suzanne and loved spending time with them too! It was old home week for me! 

All in all it was such a wonderful weekend! Can't believe Thanksgiving is next week!!! AHH! So much to do y'all! 

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