With Style and a Little Grace: The Great Scentsy Debate of 2013

The Great Scentsy Debate of 2013

So I have wanted a Scentsy for about two years now and just had not pulled the trigger up until a few weeks ago I finally decided that I needed one in my life. I am a candle gal through and through!
My mother instilled in me a love for candles from a young age. You come home to your house, turn on all the lights ( much to my loving husbands dismay), light your delicious candles ( I personally have around 4-6 at any given time ... I know it's a sickness), and pour yourself a glass of wine! That my friends is how this little lady likes to unwind after a grueling day. I am a slight candle snob, but much to my dismay I had to cut back because we are saving money! Enter the Scentsy.... it makes my house smell amazing and I can still have some candles scattered about! I still get the lovely glow and it still feels homey. I am mildly aware that this is a lot of rambling about candles but I really love them OK!

I went with the Tilia warmer which I love. I might have a few more I am eyeing as well!

Scents I purchased:

Mandarin Moon - smells a bit like orange vanilla love

Pumpkin Roll - AMAZING like just baked pumpkin bread

Central Park Pralines

Autumn Sunset

Honey Pear Cider

I haven't tried the last three but I can't wait! So far I am so pleased with mine and would truly recommend them to everyone! Check out scentsy here and find yourself a local rep! 

Happy Hump Day!

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