With Style and a Little Grace: New TV Show Obsessions

New TV Show Obsessions

Well my friends I think I have finally weeded out the heard of new talent from the fall TV lineup and decided what to pick up and what to permanently delete from my DVR. I only really found a few great gems from the new shows this year and I actually have a few I used to watch that might be teetering on delete town!

New talent on my DVR :

Reign The CW 8 PM

I love it! There is just enough soapy girl drama, great costumes, and love triangles. It has officially taken the place of Gossip Girl for me! It's one of my guilty pleasures! It also has a bit of a spooky undertone and it is a period piece.... what's not to love! 
Betrayal ABC Sundays 9 pm

Drama Drama Drama! Lots of it! Secrets, Lies, Betrayal you will love it! Another great soapy drama.
Witches of East End Lifetime Sundays 9 

There are witches, Aunts that come back as cats, demons, all sorts of unnatural spirits, and a love triangle... if you are not sold already then we clearly don't have the same taste in television. Watch it! So So Good! 

The Goldbergs ABC 

Just hilarious! If you were born or raised in the 80s this is just so spot on! My husband and I watch it together and we love it! Also not to be super corny but it always has a great moral story.  It is a really great family show! 

On the chopping block

Once upon a time ABC Sunday 7 

Who am I kidding I am so over this show. The plot is totally all over the place and they have really lost my interest. I deleted the last two episodes before I made it the entire way through

The Tomorrow People The CW 

The jury is still out. I don't know if I can stay interested with this plot we will see.

The Crazy Ones CBS Thursday 8 

Apparently everyone loves this show and I really want to but I just don't know if I am into it. Anyone else feeling this way? I can't decide! I love all the people on it! We will see.

Any shows out of the new Fall hits that I should be watching that I'm not? I still have some other ones to get caught up on but that is what I got so far. Happy hump day!

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