With Style and a Little Grace: New Fall Shows 2013

New Fall Shows 2013

Let me preface this long post of new TV shows by stating that I am aware how many hours I am putting into TV and I am aware I have a slight addiction. That being said I give most everything a chance in the beginning of the fall season and then by the end have my favorites picked that I will watch! I love new shows and the chance to find a new favorite!

The Blacklist - SO SO Good!! Its a must watch!

Hostages- This will have you on the edge of your seat! So far it is great!
 Betrayal- I loved the first episode of this show. I am interested to see how it all plays out. Seriously juicy!

Totally the new Newlyweds. This is my trashy tv fix!

 HILARIOUS!! I am obsessed! My husband and I watched this one and giggled the whole time. Such a cute show!

Trophy Wife - Jury is out - I noticed they replaced the daughter in the second episode and I like the new one better. It has some cute moments.

There are several shows starting next week too!

Here is a list of my returning favorites and some new ones that I have my eye one!

Returning shows:
How I met your mother - Final Season! I am obsessed with this show. I don't know how I feel about it being one weekend the whole season.
Big Bang Theory
Once Upon a Time - Might be over this one
Hart of Dixie 
Vampire Diaries
Modern Family

Are there any great shows I am missing?

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