With Style and a Little Grace: Jewelry Organization

Jewelry Organization

I think I told y'all recently that I am a list making fool. I make lists for everything - grocery lists, wish lists, home décor wish lists, jewelry lists. A good friend and I were laughing over the weekend about how we OCDly keep them all on our phones. I am constantly adding and changing but I love to have them with me when I am shopping so that I can always look for those things that have been on my list for a while. Do you do this?

 I recently added a jewelry list. I know that I would love to start adding some nicer pieces to my jewelry collection and wanted a good place to start.  I also realized that I needed to find a way to organize the jewelry I do have. I don't have a jewelry box or a drawer so right now my jewelry is wrangled all together in a huge crate and it is just not working. I have currently been researching jewelry storage.

I am in love with this gorgeous option. I think it is so practical because it is also a girly piece of furniture that can hold all of my beautiful baubles and a candle :) ! This might be on my Christmas List. It is also big enough that you have extra room to grow your collection.

Some other great options include:

This piece from the container store that I also think would be great for make-up on the counter.

Pretty jewelry box from Pottery Barn has caught my eye for a while.

Gorgeous way to organize in drawers.

How do you organize your jewelry? I definitely think the armoire is the winner. 

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