With Style and a Little Grace: 5 things I can't live without this week

5 things I can't live without this week

Happy Friday y'all! Hope everyone has great weekend plans! I have several DIY projects that I am going to try and tackle plus some super fun yard work!

1. This is my new jam! I have literally been listening to this in my car on repeat again and again. Please enjoy!

2,3,4, I talked about my beauty product bender here and I might have purchased a few other great things that I thought I would tell y'all about! 

Freeman Facial Polishing Mask - charcoal and black sugar - I have been using Freeman face masks since my pre-teens and you just can't beat them! The price point is amazing and they really do a great job. I always have this mask at home but decided to try out a new one and I love the charcoal and black sugar. It goes on like a scrub and heats up once you rub it in. My skin felt so smooth afterwards and my nighttime cream was still wet on my face the next morning which, means my skin was extra moisturized.

Maybelline The Rocket - I was not sure about this mascara at first. The wand is really thick and I thought it might clump my lashes. On the contrary, I ended up really loving the end result. It makes my lashes look full but not clumpy. The only issue is when I am getting it off at night it comes off in weird little flecks but other than that it is great.

Revlon Super lustrous lip gloss in berry allure  - I always love to change my lip color according to the season and I knew that I wanted something in a pretty plum for the fall. This color is gorgeous on. It is not too dark and just the right hint of purple. It is a great gloss and isn't too sticky! The color actually lasts for a really long time!

5. Luvocracy - This website is genius. It is basically Pinterest except it takes you straight to where you can buy the products! I love it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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